Female Dog Finds Adult Toy On Her Walk And She Won't Let Go

Female Dog Finds Adult Toy On Her Walk And She Won’t Let Go

Dogs are so pure and innocent, especially when you catch your beloved pet with a toy. Only, this wasn't a toy, and this baby girl made it into the news due to her instant connection with a used sex toy.

From Ashburton, New Zealand, Lissa Cross was out walking her gorgeous 4-year-old Staffie/Mastiff cross Huni. Just two gals, nothing to see here, move on. Then our gal Huni decided to run away only to give her human a heart attack on her return. Don't worry, Huni is more than fine, but her toy, that's another story.

Dogs are too pure!

Now, Huni has a new favorite thing to chew on, and it's an adult toy. She's chewing her toy and having a blast. Her human had to share the story on Facebook, half-amused, half terrified. There's even a video of this sweet girl trying to bury a sizeable flesh-colored sex toy because, for her, it's a bone. So many puns, poor doggo!

As Cross pointed out in her Facebook post, "WTF Ashburton!" This is all-paw-dorable, but if you're trying to get rid of your sex toy, you're doing it wrong! You don't just throw it wherever. Put it in a garbage can and be a responsible adult. Imagine if a toddler found it… How nasty do you have to leave the intimate object of pleasure sitting in the play area?

Back in the world of entertainment, Lissa Cross and her husband spent hours trying to get sweet Huni to play with anything else. Nope, this girl knew what she wanted, and the owners brought her sticks, treats, branches, yet she was too busy chewing her new toy. That was until a car came along. As a pawfect doggo, this young lady went to see who's coming and what's for dinner.

Will we find the owner?

The Crosses have a great sense of humor, as does their dog, and they decided to let the previous owner know that the toy is safe. It's "in the tree line to the left of the entrance onto the riverbed at the Alford Forest Rd, past the rugby club."

We have two valuable lessons here. First, you don't have to buy your dog toys. They will chew on anything, and I mean it, anything! The second lesson is that people still haven't learned how to recycle. It's rubber and plastic, not the Earth's friendliest materials.

People need to take responsibility because Huni did the world a favor. Yes, it took us a few hours to stop laughing, but seriously, a sex toy? Why? We all hope that someone is filming the area, in case the owner returns. They own one sweet doggo a proper treat, after that!