Female Cosplayer Shot Friend To Death While Pretending To Be Batman Villain

Mary Anne Oliver-Snow, a TikTok cosplayer with over 1.6 million followers, has been accused of manslaughter for purportedly shooting her friend to death while imitating Penguin from Batman. Despite being under the influence of alcohol during the unfortunate occurrence, she was granted bail and continues to post videos, featuring simulated blood, on the platform.

1. Oliver-Snow Killed Her Friend By Shooting Her Point-Blank

As per legal documents and a police report, the cosplayer acted unlawfully and recklessly by aiming a handgun at Helen Rose Hastings and pulling the trigger, resulting in her death.


2. There Were Six Witnesses To The Crime

After taking into account the testimonies of witnesses and Oliver-Snow's own account, it was determined that on January 17 at 1:30 a.m., the influencer was consuming alcohol and smoking with a group of friends when she began to toy with a handgun that had been left at her residence by an ex-boyfriend

"The defendant stated her ex-boyfriend left his gun at her residence when he moved out, stating he took all of the bullets," the police report stated.


"The defendant stated she did not know there was a bullet in it, stating she has played with it before as a joke. The Defendant stated her ex-boyfriend has shown her how to take out the bottom part, referring to the magazine, so it would not shoot."

3. Hastings Jokingly Told Oliver-Snow To Shoot Her

As reported by all the individuals who were interviewed, during a moment of levity, Hastings made the remark "Ooooh shoot me," to which Oliver-Snow replied in agreement and pulled the trigger, unaware that the gun contained a bullet since it was assumed to be unloaded.


4. Why Was She Playing With A Gun In The First Place?

The police were interested in finding out why Oliver-Snow had a gun in her possession, and her response was straightforward. According to her, while watching Gotham and in an inebriated state, she was joking around with her friends about being a cosplayer and portraying characters. She mentioned having a gun like the Penguin does and was laughing and being playful.


"One of the friends in the group adds that this incident wasn't unusual as they're all "wild, dumb, and does jokes all the time."

5. Oliver-Snow Has Been Released On A $20,000 Bond

On January 21, court documents were filed, detailing the charges against Oliver-Snow, who was subsequently released on a $20,000 bond. It remains unclear who provided the funds for the bail.


According to court records, she has contravened the terms of her bail by skipping a pretrial hearing, flouting curfew, and failing to keep her GPS tracking device charged. Furthermore, some of her TikTok videos have been deemed inappropriate by many viewers.