Female Bodybuilder, Referred To As 'Kendall Jenner On Steroids,' Is Making A Fortune On OnlyFans


An accomplished female bodybuilder, often referred to as the 'Kendall Jenner on steroids,' recently unveiled her strategy for earning a substantial monthly income exceeding five figures. She accomplishes this feat by sharing captivating videos of her arm-wrestling performances exclusively on the platform known as OnlyFans.

Vladislava Galagan, a renowned fitness model, hails from Temryuk, Russia, and currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic. Her fitness journey began at the age of 16 when she first stepped into the gym, determined to sculpt her physique. With unwavering dedication, she dedicated 11 years to intense training, focusing on developing impressive biceps and a well-defined six-pack.

Since 2018, Vladislava Galagan embarked on a journey of bodybuilding competitions, pushing herself to new limits to achieve remarkable muscle growth. Concurrently, she delved into the realm of fitness modeling, expanding her pursuits in the fitness industry.

Over the recent years, gym-goers have increasingly taken notice of the striking resemblance between 27-year-old Vladislava Galagan and Kendall Jenner. Recognizing this resemblance as an opportunity, Vladislava cleverly leveraged her likeness to the renowned celebrity to her own advantage.

During a recent interview with South West News Service, Galagan proudly expressed, "I frequently receive comments comparing me to 'Kendall Jenner on steroids.'"

In the past year, the muscular and captivating beauty joined the platform OnlyFans, where she shares enticing pictures and videos that highlight her awe-inspiring physique.

"I hit the sweet spot with a mix of my face and my body. But I'm not some vanilla bodybuilder, I'm a fitness model that kicks ass."

Although Vladislava Galagan has achieved considerable success on OnlyFans, she has encountered criticism from certain fans who suspect her of using Photoshop to enhance her captivating photos. These skeptics find it hard to believe that she genuinely possesses such a well-toned and muscular physique.

"When I joined social media, I learned there are so many men who like tall, strong muscular women with a nice face too," she explained. "But people tell me my muscles are photoshopped because they can't believe someone who looks like me could be so strong."

Ever since she ventured into bodybuilding competitions, Vladislava Galagan has remained steadfast in adhering to a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. Her unwavering commitment allows her to continuously develop her muscles and uphold her impeccably toned physique.

In her quest to surpass a daily protein intake of 100g, Vladislava Galagan diligently follows a routine of consuming four meals per day. Her meals are carefully crafted, incorporating protein-rich foods such as beef, eggs, turkey, chicken, and fish to support her nutritional goals.

While acknowledging her use of performance-enhancing drugs to maximize her muscle gains, the fitness enthusiast emphasizes that there is no "magic pill" for success. According to her, achieving optimal results requires a combination of a disciplined diet and consistent training alongside these supplements.

She said: "I'm muscular and good looking, it sells really well. So many people think it's CGI or photoshop, but it's not."

Nevertheless, the bodybuilder openly acknowledges being inundated with peculiar requests.

"I wear see-through lingerie, leather and latex, but I don't do anything explicit, I just imply. I also do arm wrestling videos, people like those."

As an illustration on TikTok, there exists a user who left a comment: "@kendalljenner got f***ing jacked" while another said "she's like a buff Kendall.... I'm all for it."

She said: "I don't really know how they see it. I guess there are some similarities. It's not how I brand myself, but they like a mix of my face and my body."

Despite the prevailing negative perception surrounding OnlyFans, Galagan firmly asserts her unwavering commitment to continue sharing her content on the platform.

She added: "I feel like I won the lottery."