Feeling Uninspired? Here Are 9 Ways To Stay Inspired Daily

Feeling Uninspired? Here Are 9 Ways To Stay Inspired Daily

Amidst all the chaos that is going on in the world right now, it's easy to disconnect, lose motivation, and feel uninspired.

We all want to feel happy and fulfilled. What happens when we're not? What should we do when we can't feel anything but hopelessness?

You may be zoning out daily. In other words, you feel like a zombie, which consequently worries you that you have no purpose. That is to say, you feel like you have nothing to look forward to in life.


Almost everything has come to a screeching halt. Therefore, feeling blah is expected under these circumstances. However, constantly feeling uninspired is dangerous, especially to your mental health.

Acquiring motivation isn't easy but is achievable with a little push. In addition, make a conscious decision to do better to feel better.

Here are 9 simple ways that will fire you with enthusiasm:


1. Self-Reflection

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the reason as to why you're apathetic.

Firstly, analyze yourself by paying attention to your behavior, emotions, and feelings. Secondly, identify the reason as to why you have those feelings. You can ask yourself some questions. For example, "Why do I feel this way?" "Why am I so unmotivated?"


Search for answers from deep within. Most importantly, be truthful to identify the real cause of your indifference and lack of motivation.

Subsequently, work around that reason to come up with a solution.

2. Read

Incorporate some reading into your life. Read whichever book you want; motivation, fiction, or romance.


Reading allows you to get lost in a world of imagination. As a result, it boosts creativity and refreshes the mind. Likewise, it distracts you from your feelings since it requires you to concentrate and remain focused. Therefore, it reduces stress.

Above all, reading equips you with ideas and motivation to improve.

3. Relax

It is perfectly normal to feel uninspired. Therefore, it's vital to know that feeling under the weather is all right. Always going out or looking your best is exhausting by and large when you're feeling off.


Take some time off to rest, binge-watch a movie or take power naps. These recharges you, lowers stress, and activates the right hemisphere of the brain that boosts creativity and motivation. Take advantage of those naps!

4. Identify Other People

If you are feeling off and uninspired, you can look to others for inspiration. You can read the biographies of successful people. Likewise, hang out with game-changers. As a result, their energy and enthusiasm will rub off on you. It's that contagious!


The company you keep has an impact on your life. Depending on who they are, people around you have the power to influence you positively or negatively. Make sure that the people around you aren't draining your energy.

5. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool. It induces relaxation and focus, as a result, creates calmness and spikes concentration levels.


Take time alone to re-energize through meditation. It increases brain performance. As a result, it creates inspiration.

6. Gratitude

Make a conscious decision to be grateful all the time. Appreciate what you have and where you are.

Appreciate people around you and kill them with kindness. As a result, you enjoy incredible levels of happiness and satisfaction.


The feeling of abundance enables us to celebrate and treasure both the small and big wins. Similarly, it increases the motivation to work harder and take action. Therefore, make progress in life.

7. Explore New Activities

Engage in new healthy activities, for example, yoga, swimming, jogging, or hiking.

Exercising in general, makes you feel energized and allows you to realize how tough you are. Therefore, it motivates you to do more. That is to say. You discover your power and your high ability to endure.


As a result, you start enjoying the challenge that consequently reflects in your life as you are motivated to set goals and push yourself to reach them.

8. Identify Your Passion

Recognize what you are passionate about and subsequently do it.

74% of uninspired people don't enjoy or love what they do. For instance, a person may be an excellent accountant. However, it's not his passion. He'd rather be a writer.


Most times, what we do makes us miserable. Likewise, what we fail to do.

Love what you do. Life is too short to do otherwise.

9. Good Thoughts

More often than not, we are our own enemies. We have negative opinions of ourselves of how we can't do this or that. Similarly, we convince ourselves that we aren't talented or good enough. As a result, we create a huge block that makes us rigid and stuck.


Weed out negative thoughts and start practicing self-compassion and positive thinking. That is to say, your opinion of yourself is the only thought that matters. What we think we become. Therefore, always practice positive thinking.

In conclusion, feeling uninspired is upsetting. It's when we are no longer excited about life that we get suicidal and fall into depression. Moreover, there's so much beauty in the world to be oblivious or feel like a zombie. The above tips will help boost your motivation and productivity. Don't lose your grip on life by allowing motivation to slip away. For a happy and purpose-filled life, get your inspiration back.