Feeling Sexually Unworthy? Here's Why

Feeling Sexually Unworthy? Here’s Why

If you are feeling sexually unworthy, then you might have sexual self-esteem issues.

This might be the result of sexual shame or a lack of sexual self-worth. It comes from deep concerns about your body image.

Women, given a society that focuses so much on idolizing skinny models, can feel sexually unworthy because of their weight.

Sexual shame can be the result of a religious upbringing, which can repress a person's sexuality. In some religious cultures, sex is considered a sin in practically every context. That is why a feeling of sexual unworthiness is one of the most powerful signs someone is sexually repressed.

But there is something you should know: feeling sexually undesirable does not mean you are not attractive.

Sexual desire and self-worth are also closely related. That's is why low self-esteem and promiscuity often go hand in hand. Victims of this psychological issue need to prove to themselves they are sexually desirable by having multiple partners.

Find Your Way To Sexual Freedom

feeling sexually unworthy? here's why

One of your options is overcoming religious sexual shame if your religious upbringing is the issue.

Shame affects your mental wellbeing, especially when it's reinforced on a regular basis. Considering that intimacy and mental well-being go together, you should address your feelings of sexual shame to feel sexually adequate again.

According to science, men who suffer from male sexual shame are usually at the forefront of the objectification of women.

Is Shame Affecting Your Sex Life

feeling sexually unworthy? here's why

If you feel unworthy because you consider your desirability nothing to be proud of, then it probably is.

You can stay live your whole life wondering why you feel sexually inadequate; unless you make enough effort to get rid of this shame.

A good start is accepting yourself. There is no way around that. It does not matter how others perceive your attractiveness.

Unless you consider yourself attractive, you will feel sexually unworthy even if you have the most enchanting looks.


Sexual confidence is important if you want to be less sexually inhibited. Unless you resolve this issue, your adult life is likely to be miserable because sexuality is a huge part of it.

Signs You Feel Sexually Unworthy

feeling sexually unworthy? here's why

Some of the things that indicate you suffer from feelings of sexual unworthiness include the following.

First of all, you can feel guilty after sex. Even if you wanted the experience before it happened and actually had fun doing it, if you feel bad afterward, then you clearly consider yourself sexually unworthy.

On some level, you don't believe your body deserved the pleasure you got from having sex, and that will make you have a love-hate relationship with sex.

Sexuality demands a very profound level of vulnerability. If you have any deep-seated emotional or psychological issues, chances are that they will surface at this time.

That goes to show why you should work on your self-esteem in general.


Another important thing to note is that your sexual desirability does not depend on how others perceive you. As long as you are counting on others to help you feel sexually adequate, you will feel sexually unworthy.

You need to be sexually desirable in your own sight.

People who feel sexually unworthy find sexual encounters like high-risk experiences, which is why this problem often leads to sexual repression.

This natural experience should make you feel relaxed and optimistic, not ashamed and guilty. You can therefore start working on beliefs that made you believe you were undeserving of sex.

If you feel inferior, that has to change. See how much you are capable of and how much richer your life could be if you embrace yourself fully, including your sexuality.

You Are Sexually Attractive

feeling sexually unworthy? here's why

For each one of us is someone who finds us sexy and attractive, even if we might not realize it.

Research also shows that those who like to abuse others based on their sexuality usually have struggled with their sexuality. Such people usually feel unlovable, unattractive, or abnormal. They try to get even by trying to sow the same feelings in others by abusing or insulting them based on their sexuality.


Societal norms can also play a role in making people feel sexually unworthy. For instance, men are brought up to believe that they are not men enough if they cannot perform adequately in bed.

This can build a lot of anxiety and bring about emotional issues, particularly if they get any hint that their sexuality is not up to standard.

Don't Shoot For Perfection

feeling sexually unworthy? here's why

In truth, there is no perfect person when it comes to sexuality. What works for one person might not work for another. By nature, some people are more aggressive, while others are a little more laid back in bedroom matters.

All this is perfectly natural, as long as you find the right partner and accept who you are. You should not feel any less deserving because you think you are a little different. That difference is what makes you unique and special to a person who truly wants you in their lives.

Without addressing these issues, you might end up getting too promiscuous to have a stable relationship. Or too sexually ashamed to even get aroused and enjoy this simple but important joy of life.

Once you are sexually free, you will not ignore your sexual desires. You will feel totally worthy and deserving, and your entire life will be a whole lot better.

In short, if you are feeling sexually unworthy, you need to work on acquiring your sexual freedom. Otherwise, your life will be less than remarkable.