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Feel Buzzed And Energized With Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey

Feel Buzzed And Energized With Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey

We all like to enjoy a drink that helps us to relax, and many of us also like drinks that give us more energy. Well, you can now have the best of both worlds thanks to a wonderful beverage introduced by Jameson.

Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey is the latest in a line of alcoholic beverages that come with a twist. For people who love their whiskey and their coffee, this is a dream combination.

With this drink, you can enjoy feeling buzzed while also feeling more energized. It has a unique and delicious flavor that will leave you feeling both refreshed and relaxed.

More About The Delicious Beverage

So, what do we know about Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey? Well, here are a few facts about this delicious and unusual beverage:

It Leaves You Feeling Buzzed And Energized

This is a drink that will leave you feeling both buzzed and energized at the same time. It is a great way of feeling awake while also enjoying your favorite tipple.

When you drink a shot of this beverage, you will get 17mg of caffeine, which compares to 95mg per 8 ounces of standard coffee.

feel buzzed and energized with jameson cold brew whiskey

It Stems From A Traditional Idea

While the taste of this drink is unique and delicious, it is based on an idea that is a traditional one. People have been adding a tipple of whiskey to their coffee for years.

When you add whiskey to coffee, it creates a deeply warming beverage that makes you feel all cozy inside. Well, Jameson has reversed the process by adding a little tipple of coffee to its whiskey!

The Drink Contains Coffee Flavor

This Jameson drink contains a delicious coffee flavor and aroma, but it does not contain actual coffee. The recipe is based on a cold brew flavor, which is what gives it the unique taste and distinctive flavor.

The good news is that this flavor does come from coffee beans. It uses beans that are selected for their hints of dark chocolate and toasted oak giving the drink an exciting burst of flavor.

The Flavor Is A Limited One

This new flavor from Jameson is a limited one for now, but if it proves to be popular, who knows! It could end up becoming a regular on the shelves, which is great news for those who become attached to the tipple.

Unique Taste And Distinctive Flavor

One thing is for certain – with Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey, you can look forward to a unique taste and distinctive flavor. This is a great twist on the standard Jameson Whiskey.