Fear And Greed Will Always Be Our Downfall

Fear And Greed Will Always Be Our Downfall

We are always hungry for more until we see people starving. And we are so scared, yet it all seems like BS the moment the real danger is coming after us.

There's an insane unbalance between the rich and the poor. Driven by greed, some of us manage to recognize this issue, but no one has the solutions. Eventually, the majority starts chasing some equally crazy dream of fortune and materialism and becomes part of the problem. Greed is in all of us, but resisting; it is one of the most powerful feelings.

We want more stuff, more power, more sense of security, yet we were never as scared as we are now. Your fears are valid, but your life goal shouldn't be to live around them. Instead, you should focus on overcoming them. Everything you ever needed will come to you if you can learn to escape being greedy and place that energy into overcoming fears. So, how do we do that?

Love your freaking life

Don't confuse ambition with greed. The goal is pushing you forward, challenging you, and forcing you to be better. Greed is destroying you by taking away your humanity and turning you into an ATM, a money-making machine.

Fall in love with what you have and leave enough space to ask for more. But, know your priorities and learn to appreciate what's in front of you, this very moment.

Go for gold

Fear and greed are different emotions, yet they have the power to paralyze your existence. The more you place your attention on getting out of your comfort zone, the more you'll see that the real challenge isn't in titles and fame. It's in overcoming what's inside you.

You should be your only competition. Try to be better, more courageous, conquer your fears, slowly, patiently, and gently. Allow yourself to fall to learn how to pick yourself up. Don't just watch your life, be a participant, and aim for gold!

Feed your body, mind, and soul

You know that you need to eat proper nutritious meals and to spend time in nature, include daily exercise not because you want to look good, but because you need to be as healthy as possible. However, what about your mind and your soul?

To feed the mind, you need knowledge, inspiring conversations, and fulfilling hobbies. And for your starving soul, it's all about doing things you love, while being present, and using all the proper tools, like yoga and meditation.

Nourishing your body, mind, and soul will make it easier to figure out this thing called life and to face your fears. And when you're doing all that good for yourself, you'll learn that you are becoming a better person, someone who will stay away from negativity and chaos greed causes.

Traps you can avoid

When you pay attention, really invest yourself into positivity, and in the best-case scenario, you're allowing yourself to be free. But, that's a long process, and you need to be passionate because if you're not careful, you'll find yourself trapped.

What we need is on the other side of negativity, away from greed, fears, and poisonous ideas. If there's a lesson in this chaos caused by COVID -19 it is that we have to be in tune with ourselves. Even when the world is falling apart, we need people who will save us. Be the ordinary hero, someone who's going to spread optimism and hope, instead of spreading panic and toxic ideas.