FBI Make Chilling Discovery In Brian Laundrie's Bedroom

Fbi Make Chilling Discovery In Brian Laundrie's Bedroom

The police are still looking for Brian Laundrie. During their search, they have recently found something truly unsettling in his bedroom.

The information is quite disturbing. Wait until you have seen the photo yourself.

Gabby had gone on a "dream" road trip with Brian Laundrie, her fiance. He has since become the main suspect in her murder.

When the two took the trip, Gabby hoped that they would document the adventure on social media.


The Couple Was Heading To The West Coast


North Port Police revealed that the couple intended to travel to the West Coast and visit its national parks.

During the trip, Gabby had regular contact with her family until communication ended without warning towards the end of August.

The police revealed this information after Gabby was announced as a missing person.

Things Got Much Worse


Even though everyone thought Gabby was missing, the reality became more heartbreaking: she was dead.

Her body was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in mid-September.

At First It Was Not Clear The The Discovered Remains Belonged To Gabby


When the human remains were first discovered, authorities did not know if they belonged to Gabby. However, they let the public know that they were consistent with Gabby's physical description.

Gabby Petito's family was also made aware of this development. However, forensic testing was still necessary to confirm if this was Gabby.

It Did Not Take Long Before The Worst Was Confirmed


After a couple of days, the Teton County coroner confirmed that the remains belonged to Gabby. The news came on September 21.

It was also confirmed that her death was a homicide.

Laundrie Went Missing


Soon afterward, Laundrie went missing, and his family was questioned about Gabby's whereabouts. He was last seen after he got back to the trip he had taken with Gabby by himself.

There Were Eerie Signs Leading Up To Gabby's Death

It was truly shocking to learn that there were a couple of signs that something terrible had happened to Gabby. To begin with, her mother started receiving 'fake texts.'

Gabby's Mother Could Tell The Messages Were Not From Her Daughter


A message sent on August 30 said, "No service in Yosemite." Gabby's mom, Nicole Schmidt, felt that this text was too candid to have come from her daughter.

A public warrant also revealed that another text was sent to the grieving mother, and it referred to Gabby's grandpa by his name 'Stan.'

Schmidt confirmed that she never called him by that name, which got her more concerned about her daughter's well-being.


Another Concern Was A 911 Call Involving The Couple

The 911 call was about "possible domestic violence" between Gabby and Brian. The call was made a month before she went missing.

The police responded to the call and later released bodycam footage. The caller had seen the couple in Utah, and he mentioned that he saw Laundrie hit Gabby.

He then claimed to have seen Laundrie get into a van before driving off.

In The Footage, Gabby Is Clearly Quite Distressed

Gabby told the police about what had happened. She claimed to have "really bad OCD."


She was also apologizing to Laundrie, saying, "I'm sorry I'm so mean." She confessed that they had been fighting all morning and that he would not let her into the car.

Laundrie said Gabby got worked up sometimes and claimed that she had hit him with her phone.

The Police Did Not Rule The Incident A Domestic Assault


News outlets later said that the police had classified the incident as a "mental/emotional health break" rather than a domestic assault.

To avoid any charges, the couple agreed to spend the night apart. Gabby was left in the van as the police helped Laundrie to find a hotel room.

However, although the bodycam footage suggests Gabby was the problem, the 911 call clearly explained that Brian was slapping her.


After His Disappearance, People Think Laundrie Is Probably A Manipulator


Considering how convenient his disappearance was, people wonder if Laundrie is good at manipulating situations to suit him.

Weeks after, Gabby was reported missing. A federal arrest warrant was issued for Brian over his fraudulent use of a bank card.

The FBI Made A Statement About The Arrest Warrant


In the statement, Special Agent in Charge, Michael Schneider, said:

"While this warrant allows law enforcement to arrest Mr. Laundrie, the FBI and our partners across the country continue to investigate the facts and circumstances of Ms. Petito's homicide. We urge individuals with knowledge of Mr. Laundrie's role in this matter or his current whereabouts to contact the FBI."

The authorities were interested in the park because Laundrie's family said they took a camping trip after Gabby went missing.


Authorities Also Talked To Laundrie's Family

However, weeks after getting statements from Laundrie's family, some details appeared to have been modified.

In particular, Cassie Laundrie, Brian's sister, later changed her story and said she had seen her brother twice after returning from the trip without Gabby. That meant she had lied about the communication she had with him earlier.

Her attorney, Steve Bertolino, has explained that her statements were "misinterpreted" and even suggested that the person asking the question framed it poorly.


Other People Joined The Search For Laundrie

Fbi Make Chilling Discovery In Brian Laundrie's Bedroom

One of the most prominent figures looking for Laundrie was Dog the Bounty Hunter. He has devoted weeks of his time to finding Brian.

He Has Even Put His Health On The Line During The Search


While ensuring that every possible area with clues about Brian's location was explored, Dog suffered an injury. He went to the extent of wading through a swamp to make sure no clues were missed.


Dog suffered an ankle injury while searching for Laundrie, and he is currently recovering.

Brian's Father, Chris Laundrie, Has Also Joined The Search


After the police asked Brian's father to help search for his son, he agreed. His lawyer later said Chris could not look for his son in the place he believed him to be because the preserve had been closed to the public.

A Month Has Already Passed Since Brian Disappeared


People are increasingly frustrated by Brian's disappearance.

Although There Is Still No Breakthrough In This Case...


Recently released photos of Laundrie's house have shown what his bedroom looks like.

The gun has an American flag printed on the side. Additionally, there is a Darth Vader mask, a couple of Watchmen comics, and a poster of people stabbing each other.

Still, people have made some conclusions about him based on his choice of literature.


In One Of Their YouTube Videos, Brian Was Seen Reading A Strange Book


He was reading Annihilation, a 2014 novel by Jeff VanderMeer. The book talks about four women who go on an adventure, with 3 of them going missing afterward.

People Think St Marks Nature Reserve Should Be Checked Out


The book is based on St. Marks Nature Reserve. For this reason, people think the location is worth checking out.

Based on his book collection, Brian also appears to have had a passion for books on serial killers.


Here Are Some Details On What Brian Was Reading


This Is What They Found In His Room

Fbi Make Chilling Discovery In Brian Laundrie's Bedroom

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