FBI Find Notes Left By Brian Laundrie As Human Remains Found During Manhunt

FBI Find Notes Left By Brian Laundrie As Human Remains Found During Manhunt

The FBI claims that among Laundrie's belongings, they also found notes he left behind. This discovery was made in Carlton Reserve in Florida.

The World Has Been In Shock Since Learning Of Gabby Petito's Murder

The young woman had gone on a "dream" road trip with Brian Laundrie, her fiance.

When going on the trip, Gabby intended to document the adventure on social media for her fans.

Todd Garrison, North Port Police Chief, confirmed that Gabby and Laundrie had plans to visit national parks on the West Coast side of the United States.

During the adventure, Gabby was in regular contact with her family until the communication suddenly stopped towards the end of August. This was revealed as the chief announced that 22-year-old Gabby was missing.

Things Went From Bad To Worse

For a while, nobody knew what had occurred to Gabby until her body was discovered around mid-September. It was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

After the authorities found the remains, they were not entirely sure they belonged to Gabby. However, they did reveal that their physical appearance was consistent with how Gabby looked.

The family was also personally made aware of this conclusion. However, forensic testing was necessary to prove that the remains were indeed Gabby's.

After A Few Days Police Confirmed The Worst

The Teton County coroner confirmed that the human remains belonged to Gabby on September 21. More probing revealed that Gabby's death was a homicide.

The Authorities Questioned Brian Laundrie's Family

The police had to question Brian Laundrie's family. However, at the time the police were questioning Laundrie's family, Brian was already missing.

Since then, he has not been found.

Brian Laundrie was last seen in early September after returning to Florida from the road trip he took with Gabby.

Before Gabby Died, There Were Many Signs Things Were Wrong

The signs were incredibly shocking, and it all began after Gabby's mother started receiving "fake texts."

When Gabby's mom, Nicole Schmidt, received this text, she thought it was too blunt for her daughter. She started having concerns over her daughter's wellbeing.

According to a public warrant, Schmidt also received another text that got her worried.

The message said that Gabby was getting voicemails and missed calls from her grandpa. However, she referred to him as 'Stan,' which is what got her mother concerned.

She knew that something was wrong.

People Were Also Concerned About A "Possible Domestic Violence" Incident Involving The Couple

A month before she went missing, a stranger called 911 to report a "possible domestic violence" incident.

Eventually, the police released bodycam footage of the follow-up to the call. The person had called in to report a potential domestic violence case.

The caller was a witness in Utah, and he claimed on August 12 to have seen a man hit a lady before driving off in a van.

The Footage Is An Hour Long, And It Shows Gabby In A Lot Of Distress

When talking to the police, Gabby talked about having really bad OCD. She was also apologetic for being "so mean."

The young woman admitted that they had been fighting all morning and that Laundrie had told her she needed to calm down.

Laundrie said that Gabby got worked up sometimes and that he tried to distance himself from her sometimes. He also revealed that he locked himself in the car and that Gabby had hit him with her phone.

The Incident Was Ruled A "Mental/Emotional Health Break"

The couple agreed to spend the night apart to avoid charges, with Brian staying in a hotel room while Gabby was left in a van.

However, according to the 911 call, Brian slapped Gabby.

People Imagined Laundrie Was A Good Manipulator

Considering how convenient Laundrie's disappearance was, people started to think Brian was good at manipulating situations to his benefit.

Weeks after Gabby's disappearance, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Brian after he fraudulently used a bank card.

The FBI Announced It Was Looking For Laundrie

According to Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider, the arrest warrant allowed the authorities to bring Laundrie into custody. However, investigations into what happened to Gabby were still ongoing.

The FBI also asked the public to come forward with any information that would lead to Laundrie's arrest.

The authorities decided to focus on this area because the family said they had taken a trip to the park after Gabby was reported missing.

Statements Were Taken From Laundrie's Family Members

However, there were some inconsistencies in the statements the family members made with regard to what had happened.

In particular, Cassie, Brian's sister, changed her statement about the number of times she had communicated with her brother since he got back to Florida without Gabby.

As she was being accused of fabricating the story, her lawyer explained she was being "misinterpreted" and said that the question she had been asked earlier had been poorly phrased.

One of the men involved in the search was Dog the Bounty Hunter. He devoted weeks of his time to the investigation.

Dog Took The Hunt Seriously, And Even Hurt His Ankle While Looking For Laundrie

Dog wanted to make sure that every possible clue was checked out. At one point, he spent a lot of time wading through a swamp for clues.

He Hurt Himself During The Manhunt

It was later reported that Dog was recovering from an injured ankle.

Several Weeks Have Passed By Since Brian Disappeared

People were growing more anxious by the day about his disappearance.

Finally, There Was Some Good News

Steven Bertolino, Laundrie's family lawyer, told the media that Chris and Roberta Laundrie helped in the search for their son Brian.

Authorities Found Partial Remains Of Brian Laundrie

The authorities confirmed that Laundrie's belongings, including some clothes, were next to the remains of Brian Laundrie.

The FBI Also Discovered A Notebook

Many speculate the notebook might answer essential questions about the case.

The Items Were In An Area Previously Underwater

Special Agent Michael McPherson revealed that the remains were found in an area that was covered by water until recently.

According to Casey Jordan, a criminologist, the notebook suggested the possibility of a suicide note.

The Notebook Suggests That Brian Might Have Killed Himself

Jordan wondered if maybe Brian was feeling regret and wrote a note to explain himself before taking his own life:

"Something that would give answers to not only police but Gabby's family. If that notebook is there, there is a good chance there could be a note."

At the moment, the authorities have still not divulged the contents of the notebook.