Fathers Have Huge Impact On Their Daughters' Lives, Science Says

Fathers Have Huge Impact On Their Daughters’ Lives, Science Says

While people acknowledge that fathers play a role in their daughter's life, many don't understand how big the impact is. They are aware that dads and daughters will have a strong bond, and that her development will be influenced by the dad. Little do they know that a good connection between the dad and daughter is vital to proper development?

Science has shown that a strong connection between fathers and daughters is directly related to the proper development of the daughter. They have emotional influences in different stages of development. So, if you were/are thinking about shutting the dad out of the daughter's life, maybe you should reconsider.

1. How Do Fathers Play A Crucial Role In Their Daughter's Emotional Development?

Research has shown that girls who've grown up with their dads tend to be more comfortable when talking about their individual feelings and experiences. Their openness and honesty help them to develop strong bonds with other people and this will more likely lead to a healthy relationship. The connection isn't necessarily emotional but also social, and they stand a better chance of interacting with their friends, schoolmates, work colleges, and other people in a healthier manner.

The study further showed that she also has better self-esteem and this is because of the support and the feeling of safety around the dad. This allows her to build a positive self-image, appreciate life values, and also enjoy better intimate relationships.

2. Are There Any Practical Benefits Of The Father's Existence In The Life Of His Daughter?

Scientific research has shown that the presence of the father in the life of his daughter isn't just emotional but also physical. Girls who've grown up around their dads tend to be more outgoing and also more involved in activities. They won't shy away from playing a leading role and are also more comfortable in social interaction.

The reason behind this is the authoritative image of the dad which she comes to understand and appreciate. Also, fathers have traditionally played the role of a protector. This allows the daughter to be more outgoing and interactive since she knows dad is there and this gives her more self-confidence. Additionally, they grow up being more physically healthy as well as having better financial stability.

3. Why Should Fathers Be Present From The Beginning?

The dad's influence is evident right from when the child is born. This means that a girl whose dad has been around since childhood will develop much better than the one whose dad came into the picture when she was a bit older. At a later stage, it becomes a little harder to accept the dad's role since all she's ever known was mum, who played the role of both mother and father. And trying to convince her otherwise, especially when she is all grown up, can be quite a challenge.

This is why fathers nowadays are allowed in the room during childbirth, and also to accompany their pregnant wives for prenatal and postnatal sessions. The modern dad is also more comfortable changing diapers, feeding the baby, taking the daughter to school or a clinic without the mum. By playing an equal role when raising their child, the parents help in creating an intimate relationship with their daughter.

4. Does The Media Have A Role In All This?

It's clearly evident that media does greatly influence the impact of the father's presence in the daughter's life. While science shows that the father's being there is good for the healthy development of the daughter, some media still stand firm with the traditional thinking that encourages minimal interaction between the father and daughter. And knowing how powerful media can be, some dads will layback so as not to look too involved.

The media also has a great influence on our girls. And if she was to come by some information or advice that still believes in primitive thinking, then she wouldn't be too comfortable having a dad that is very present. Some would say he is overstepping his traditional role. Bottom line is that dads should be encouraged to make an intimate relationship with their daughter a priority and disregard some media.

5. Moms Are Essential Too

Because science has shown that fathers are a key element in the healthy development of their daughter, that doesn't mean that mothers are less important. The two of them (dad and mom) should try and play a joint role in raising their child. Studies have clearly shown that a child who has grown up with both parents develops much better (emotionally, financially, physically, socially....) in comparison to one who grew up with a single parent.

And with the traditional role of the parents being replaced by the modern one which is more about equality and role-sharing, a mom and dad will make a strong team if they work together. The daughter, on the other hand, will be one proud girl.