Father Of A Six-Month-Old Infant Passes Away During Bachelor Party, Just Six Weeks Before His Wedding


In Marbella, Spain, Jonny Barltrop embarked on a three-day vacation to celebrate his upcoming wedding. However, tragedy struck when he was involved in a devastating traffic accident that cost him his life. His soon-to-be wife, Cheri Bulmer, was left overwhelmed with sorrow and anguish as a result.

Tragically, a young father lost his life during his bachelor party, leaving behind a grieving family. In a remarkable display of support, a GoFundMe page was created for them and within a mere 48 hours, it managed to raise an astounding $65,987 (£53,000).

In Marbella, Spain, on May 27, Jonny Barltrop was joyfully commemorating his forthcoming marriage to Cheri Bulmer. However, during the festivities, tragedy struck as he was tragically hit by a vehicle.

According to reports, it is believed that Jonny Barltrop's unfortunate demise occurred on the initial day of his planned three-day vacation.

"I'm completely heartbroken," Cheri has declared.

The couple had a wedding scheduled in a mere six weeks' time.

Chris Ewart, a colleague of Jonny, took to his LinkedIn page to recount the heart-wrenching tragedy.

He said: "I have some extremely sad and devastating news to share."

"Jonny Barltrop was involved in a traffic accident whilst on his stag do and tragically passed away."

"He leaves behind his fiance, Cheri, and six-month-old baby Leo which is heartbreaking beyond belief. He had so much love for them it can't be put into words."

"They are part of the Build Recruitment family and we will be there for them forever."

"Jonny is one of my best friends and we have worked together for the past nine years."

"He was highly driven and the most successful recruitment professional I've come across."

"But more than that, he was a great man, loved his family, and friends, and having fun. The depth of this terrible tragedy still doesn't seem real."

"As you can appreciate, this is a very difficult time for everyone. If you have been working with Jonny, please bear with us."

"Once funeral details have been arranged we will share any information that Cheri and the family may want to share."

Within the premises of Build Recruitment, Chris Ewart and Jonny were colleagues who worked together.

Furthermore, Chris Ewart also provided details about a GoFundMe campaign with a target of $62,252 (£50,000) that was set up to support Cheri and baby Leo in the aftermath of their devastating loss.

In a matter of mere hours, the fundraising goal was successfully met.

Chris added: "The comments and support for Jonny and his family have been completely overwhelming."

"Many of you have asked whether there is a GoFundMe page for the family. This has now been set up - if you want to donate, please follow this link."

On May 31, Tom Bell, a close friend of Jonny, initiated a GoFundMe campaign that astonishingly managed to raise $62,252 (£50,000) in a mere 17 hours.

om said: "Jonny Barltrop, a fiance, father, son, and best friend to so many has tragically been taken so early in his incredible life."

Tragically, Jonny left behind his beloved fiancée, Cheri, and their adorable six-month-old baby boy named Leo.

"A true icon and endlessly unique in his nature and how he enjoyed and lived his life."

"One-of-a-kind is truly the only description anyone who knew him could use."

"Tragically taken following an accident on his own stag do at the end of May 2023."

"Just under two months away from his wedding and with a six-month-old son, he leaves a huge hole in so many lives, none more so than his family."

"This page and fundraising is here to support Cheri & Leo now, and ongoing with as much love, generosity, and kindness everyone can give."

"Thank you for every donation, and know that nothing will fill the void created by this tragedy, but lightening the load and burden of the family is the best support we can give!"