Father Launches Furious Attack On School Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing His Daughter

Father Launches Furious Attack On School Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing His Daughter

Sexual abuse of female students by male teachers has been on the rise. Several factors have led to the rise of such abuse among teenagers. One of these is the excess trust that parents have granted the teachers over the welfare of their children. Nowadays more and more parents are finding themselves entangled in work schedules that leave very little time to spend with their teenagers. These teenagers are thus exposed to the ills of teachers with such salvage intentions, and due to lack of family support, they quickly fall victim to these sexual advances.

Fatherly Instinct: A father Attacks a Teacher Accused of Sexually Abusing His Daughter

The fatherly instincts were fully expressed in Argentina when a father met a school teacher who had been accused of repeated sexual abuse against his daughter. CCTV cameras installed in the School captured the footage of this action.

The local media and sources in Argentina have confirmed that the name of this teacher is Jorge Cruceno. He is said to be around 30 years of age and teaching in Santa Marta Commercial Female School, which is in central Argentina. The school authorities have suspended this teacher, and local authorities have launched investigations over the alleged sexual abuse accusations leveled against him.

The father had come to school with his daughter to report the incident to the school administration. This was after he had recorded the same incident with the police.

While the father was making his entry into the school, he spotted this teacher who was probably moving to the next class. The father flew into a wild rage, rushed to the teacher, and started administering blows and kicks to this teacher. The teacher tried to cover his forehead, but the father's swift blows were too fast.

The daughter got confused at such a high-energy reaction from her father. The CCTV footage shows her standing still wondering what to do next. At first, she was reluctant, but after seeing that her father was about to injure this teacher severely, she intervened. Her efforts to calm the enraged father did not bear any fruits. The teacher tried to run away, but the father overpowered him.

Within a lapse of 15 seconds, this teacher had received over 20 blows and an unknown number of kicks. It was only after these blows and kicks that the father's rage subsided, and he walked away with his daughter.

The paramedics who tended to this teacher after this incidence revealed that the teacher had sustained severe cuts on the skin slightly below his left eye. The blow which caused such an intensive cut was probably aimed at the left eye. The teacher must have, therefore, been lucky to cover his eyes in time, otherwise, such a strong blow could have administered a severe injury to his left eye or worse completely damage the eye.

Cruceno had also sustained cuts on his forearm. These cuts were sustained while the teacher was trying to block the blows from the enraged father. Apart from these physical injuries, the medics are yet to confirm whether Cruceno has sustained any internal injuries.

The father got hints that this school teacher was sexually abusing her daughter after the family got several sexually suggestive messages on the daughter's phone. The nature and the phrasing of these messages made the father fully convinced that this teacher's sexual intentions and actions were frequent and repeated.