A dairy farmer proposed to his girlfriend by sliding a diamond ring onto a cow's teat — and critics say the engagement photo is rather creepy.

The unnamed Singaporean couple shared the photo on Facebook, where it was picked up by a group called "That's it I'm Ring Shaming," which mocks braggy and tacky question-poppers.

farmer proposes by putting a ring on a cow udder

The image seemed to send the members of the group into meltdown. "Shaming the ring and the whole photoshoot," one observer bashed. The person is a farmer. It still doesn't excuse his bad taste. And is this considered a nipple ring?"

Other people have condemned the action as "disgusting" and questioning if the heifer rocking the rock was ok. "He's really trying to milk the proposal," another person quipped.

farmer proposes by putting a ring on a cow udder

Another saying, "Oh my god. How big is your finger that you can fit your ring on a teat?

Hundreds of users commented on the post, reacting with gifs, puns, and all kinds of stuff to express their concerns over the farmer's decision. "The ring is a mess of clusters, and the band is too thick. Like the person thought, how can I make this ring bigger without spending any more money".

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Other commenters were concerned about the cow, saying, " He probably just shoved it on the poor cow's udder. "It may be a tight fit, and the poor thing may be in some pain," another noted. I've never milked a cow, but I have nursed an infant — and if anyone tried to do to me what this farmer did to his cow, they would be in for a world of pain.

There are no reports on the outcome of the proposal. I am sure his bride-to-be was mooooooved by the thought that went into it.