Fans Want Rihanna To Replace The Queen As Barbados Head Of State

Fans Want Rihanna To Replace The Queen As Barbados Head Of State

Rihanna's fans think that she would make the best ruler for her home, Barbados. She's been the queen of their hearts for years; it's only natural that they'd want her to rule her birthplace.

It was revealed earlier that Queen Elizabeth II would be removed as the Barbados Head of State. From November 2021, she'll no longer hold this post, and that's where fans want Rihanna to shine.

The Caribbean Island will become a republic at long last. Although it gained independence from Britain all the way back in 1966, the Queen is still the constitutional monarch.

That will change in 2021, and in time for the island's 55th anniversary of their independence.


Fans Support Their Own Queen

Upon hearing the news, fans started commenting on social media that the 'rightful queen' should take her place - that being Rihanna.


Many feel that Rihanna hasn't released new music lately because she's preparing for her new role as Barbados leader.

Of course, this call for their queen was echoed by many other fans who feel the singer would be perfect for the position.

Although many are saddened by the thought of no new music from Rihanna, they still support the idea.

Even journalist Ernest Owens expressed that he thinks Rihanna as Barbados Head of State would be great.


Not A Far-Fetched Request

For some, it may seem a little ridiculous for people to want a singer as the head of the island. However, Rihanna isn't clueless about politics and other important matters.


She was chosen as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Barbados in 2018. Her responsibilities included promoting education, investment, and tourism in her home country.

Rihanna has also been supporting the country financially when it comes to infrastructure improvements. She also assisted more recently with Coronavirus relief aid.

No wonder the street she grew up on was named Rihanna Drive!

Rihanna has shown that she cares for and supports her home country. It comes as no surprise that people want her to take a more authoritative role.

If she takes the position, her supporters are certain she'll make a success of it. She's done so as a singer and entrepreneur with Fenty Beauty.