Fans "Spot" Tom Cruise As Iron Man In Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Fans 'spot' Tom Cruise As Iron Man In Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

During the Super Bowl halftime, a movie trailer aired that left fans talking about an upcoming film by Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The fans are eagerly awaiting the film's release, and there are already rumors that many members of the multiverse will be in the new movie. So far, fans believe they have spotted Charles Xavier, Wanda Maximoff, and Iron Man.


Here is a trailer for the new film:

After watching the trailer, fans started discussing it on social media. Consequently, many theories are floating around, including a suggestion by Tom Cruise will be in the film as a Superior Iron Man, who can perfect the Ultron program and keep it under control.

For some reason, fans believe they saw Cruise as Iron Man, a role that Robert Downey Jr has always played.


In reality, there is a character known as Superior Iron Man, and he originated from the Axis event, which caused some superheroes and villains to get switched morally. Consequently, good buys became bad guys and bad guys became good guys.


The theory makes some sense since the film has the words the "multiverse of madness" in its title. So, it makes sense that an evil Iron Man variant would appear in it.

There is also a possibility that the role would be played by Tom Cruise.

Other users noticed that there is a moment in which they saw what looks like a little Iron Man. Users think this was none other but Tom Cruise.


It is quite a stretch to think that Tom Cruise would be in the new Marvel film. Nonetheless, there have been suspicions that he will be joining the franchise since 2018.


When the rumors started, Cruise said that the likelihood of that happening was "not close." The actor also expressed his love and admiration for Roberty Downey Jr.

He said he could not imagine anyone else taking that role because Downey Jr was already perfect in it.

That did not quell the rumors about him taking the role. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, also hinted that Cruise might appear in the franchise.


Liefeld spoke on The Big Thing podcast with Kristian Harloff when he suggested that fans were onto something with their Tom Cruise theory.

He commented after Harloff brought up rumors about Tom Cruise playing the Iron Man:

"It's safe to say, some of the stuff you just said that's out there, it's happening, it's been seen."

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be in cinemas on May 6, 2022.