Fans Spot Starbucks Cup On Table In New Game Of Thrones Episode

Fans Spot Starbucks Cup On Table In New Game Of Thrones Episode

In the Game of Thrones TV show, beverages appear to be wine-oriented, of course, except for the giant's milk, Tormund's Penchant. There're pleasant evenings to be had for discerning wine connoisseurs, from Arber golds to Dornish reds.

Those who enjoy a good quality coffee than drinking from a goblet seem to be well catered for on this historic land. This was after a surprising detail appeared on Game of Thrones season 8.

On Sunday night's Game of Thrones Episode 4, a Starbucks coffee cup was spotted, about 17 minutes into the show, "The Last of the Starks." This cup can be noticed on the table, close to Daenerys's Targaryen.

The scene seemed calm and telling. Daenerys seems unhappy, and her attention is on Jon Snow, the man she confessed her love to two episodes ago.

The relationship dynamic, already complicated, was evident. Then, a green mermaid Starbucks cup logo appears, on the table, out of the blue.

How does a modern coffee cup appear in the Game of Thrones fantasy world? The appearance of this Starbucks cup distracted fans from what was a much calmer, talker, and quieter episode than the previous one.

Many fans on Reddit and Twitter noticed the cup and started sharing videos and photos of this unforeseen modern addition to the intricate scenery of Winterfell.

One of the fans, Jordan, posted on tweeter:

"Give me the oral history of the Starbucks cup in the frame!!!!"

Another tweeted her disappointments on her favorite TV show:

"You're telling me they had TWO YEARS to put together a decent show and they couldn't even spot the goddamn Starbucks cup in Winterfell??!?!"

Food and drinks in Game of Thrones have been used to create a sense of placeā€”for instance, the opulent wedding banquets of King's Landing or the grim stew at Castle Black.

How could the producers, actors, and editors of the Game of Thrones ignore such detail, a modern coffee cup in a fantasy world?

Perhaps it was a tongue-in-cheek insertion to get the fans riled up and discuss the show even more?