fans love will smith’s dad bod after he admits he’s in “the worst shape of his life”

The pandemic made us all lazy. Even the best of us are struggling to find a reason not to eat cake for every meal. And exercising? Well, it is safe to say that we won't be rocking any "beach bodies" any time soon.

Will Smith was always among the regular Hollywood hotties. But he is human, so to see him rocking his dad bod is kind of amazing.

Will Smith Is Still Super Handsome

fans love will smith's dad bod after he admits he's in "the worst shape of his life"

From Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to The Pursuit of Happyness and Men in Black, Smith's talent and charm are undeniable. Also, in case you missed it, he used to rock a lean muscular body, and we all had a thing for him.

However, Will is now 52, his two children are adults, so despite saying that he has a dad bod, that's understandable.

His shirtless Instagram photo shows Smith rocking a tiny belly, but he still looks amazing. He captioned the photo:

"I'm gonna be real wit yall - I'm in the worst shape of my life."

The photo got 5 million likes in less than 24 hours. And fans love this down-to-Earth honesty.

Everybody Loves Will

fans love will smith's dad bod after he admits he's in "the worst shape of his life"

Will's fans were quick to show love and support. One comment wrote:

"I see no 'worst' here."

Another said:

"Still hot though!"

And we agree with both of them completely. The third person stated:

"The dad bod looks amazing on you."

But the best comment came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, because it is the truth. Smith's not your average Joe:

"Will, you poor baby, I'm crying for you, even though you're still in better shape than 90% of America. Keep pumping!"

There you have it. Clearly, Smith doesn't look like he did before the pandemic, but nor do most of us. Stars - they are just like us, after all!