Fans Concerned For 1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton In Season 4 Trailer

Following the release of the Season 4 trailer for TLC's "The 1000-lb Sisters," fans have become increasingly concerned about Tammy Slaton's well-being. Tammy, who was already grappling with severe health issues due to her weight during the previous season, doesn't appear to be showing much improvement this time around, prompting viewers to express their worries on social media.

1. Tammy Slaton Is Ready To Go To Rehab

In the Season 4 trailer, Tammy Slaton acknowledges her deteriorating condition, and her sister Amy expresses concern that Tammy's body is "shutting down." The footage of Tammy in a hospital bed and the doctor warning her of the "real risks" associated with her morbid obesity make it apparent that a significant change is necessary.

2. She Needs Life-Changing Surgery

For Tammy Slaton, it is critical to lower her weight to a safe level before undergoing surgery. Nevertheless, the procedure is essential to help her lose more weight and, hopefully, save her life. This is a frightening circumstance for Tammy and her loved ones, especially given that the 36-year-old stopped breathing and could have died earlier this year. As a result, swift action is required to address the situation.

3. Hopefully, The People Around Her Can Help Her

Tammy tied the knot with Caleb Willingham at Windsor Lake Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, not long ago. This implies that she has a partner who may be able to provide the necessary support and motivation as she endeavors to regain her health. With her family and husband by her side, it is hoped that she can achieve a positive outcome.

4. The New Series Of "The 1,000-Lb Sisters" Will Premiere On TLC In 2023

Fans can watch a special episode that showcases Tammy's wedding to Caleb. Let us hope that Tammy will make significant progress next year and be able to make positive changes in her life. Her admirers are cheering her on and want to see her succeed.