Fancy An End Of Summer Treat? Enjoy The Unique Taste Of Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Now that summer has reached an end and fall is upon us, many of us will be looking forward to slightly cooler weather. While this time of year does cool down, there are also plenty of warm days, depending on where you live.

For those who are looking for an end-of-summer or early autumn treat, Whole Foods have come up with a wonderful option. This comes in the form of delicious pumpkin pie ice cream sandwiches.

Summer and Halloween in One Go

fancy an end of summer treat? enjoy the unique taste of pumpkin pie ice cream sandwiches!

With these delicious treats, you can look forward to celebrating the end of summer and Halloween in one go. If you cannot wait for October 31st for your pumpkin fix, this is a fabulous treat for you.

These ice cream sandwiches enable you to enjoy the delicious taste of traditional pumpkin pie. At the same time, you can enjoy indulging yourself during the balmy days between summer ending and fall getting into full swing.

Fall is often linked to pumpkin delights, as they are perfect for the cooler season. However, the end of summer is often too warm to think about treats like pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin soups.

With this treat, you can look forward to the best of both worlds. You can get your fix of pumpkin while also staying cool with delicious pumpkin pie ice cream.

The Ideal Summer-Fall Transition Treat!

fancy an end of summer treat? enjoy the unique taste of pumpkin pie ice cream sandwiches!

When it comes to a treat that perfectly fits the summer-fall transition, this has to be it. It is cold enough to be enjoyed at the end of summer yet pumpkiny enough to be a fall treat.

So, you can look forward to a wonderful fall treat even while the weather is still summery. In addition, it is the perfect way to cool off with a treat that is a little different.

The even better news is that you can get a box of six of these delicious treats for under five dollars at Whole Foods. Your family can look forward to a sweet feast without breaking the bank.

The Verdict?

Well, the verdict is that you really cannot go wrong with these ice cream sandwiches. If you love cooling off with an ice-cream and love pumpkin, you will feel like you're in Paradise!

Each sandwich contains 180 calories too, which isn't bad considering the calorie content of other sweets. So, you also won't have to feel too guilty with pumpkin pie ice cream sandwiches.