Fall Is In The Air, Breathe It In

Fall Is In The Air, Breathe It In

Yes, finally we can go outside and enjoy the early crisp morning while sipping our coffee in our robes.

Fall is here and ready for us to enjoy! There are endless reasons to love the Fall change. I am here to remind you that you are not alone in your love of this time of the year. Leaves, cider, and football just swipe the Miracle Whip off of this pumpkin pie.

Not only does school start for the young kids and teens but this gives us time to have an open-your-windows kind of day. The kids being gone helps you be able to settle your mind and bust out the calendars to set a plan for the future holidays. Building a routine around your family, immediate and extended, will help bring the year to a close just like the fall season.

When we think of fall holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving are the major ones that stick out.

Sometimes we forget about the most fun ones that revolve around family, good food, and outside activities. Fall festivals like pumpkin picking, apple festivals, and even Oktoberfest can be such a highlight to the perfect day to a chilly evening. Music festivals are in bloom also because camping is a greater possibility.

Summer is full of pools and parties but fall brings out the bear in us. Traveling to one spot to sit and enjoy the sounds around you, then migrating to another spot then back to your camp spot is such a comfort.

We love our summer clothes but everyone deep down wants to be cozy in a nice sweater and fuzzy socks.

Fall is the perfect time to wear your cute mini skirt, thigh-high high socks, and that cute t-shirt under your beloved grandma sweater. Your cute summer shorts with hiking boots will match perfectly and be useful on a hike that you have been waiting for. YAS nature queen!

Earth tones and deep colors are always in during spring so you can join the foliage in the yearly change. Layering your outfits is the way to go all fall. It usually starts out colder in the morning, then here comes the sun with its heat and the nice drift to a chilly evening so yes, that sweater will be needed.

We can not forget the last and most important chest bump of fall. Movies!

Yes, movies are a year-round thing but there is something about Fall that brings out the romantic creepy crawly in all of us. Getting scared out of your mind with the looming Halloween movies can just make the popcorn trail mix mixture seem so worth it when you can pair the two with a heartwarming romantic comedy. I guess for me, watching movies in pairs is a must.

A scary movie then a comedy or romantic movie, helps heal my heartstrings after they have been chainsawed to death. With the new era of movie delights, like Netflix or Hulu, watching movies in bulk is as easy as PB and J but sometimes a movie theater date should be a checkmark off your yearly checklist.

That and your favorite fall comfort food.

It is about to be the time of the year when showing a little less leg will be a goal. Winter is coming and being a little thicker around the thighs is not as bad as we all think. With the crockpot out and ready for all your chili's and soups now is the time to embrace it. The oven being on at 400 degrees is not as much of a burden when those cookies are smelling up your house!

Ah yes, packing on healthy pounds can lead to a cozy winter, then a healthier spring to a fit summer. That what we all want right? Healthy but enjoyable eating habits that will leave us satisfied. Yes, please!

Fall is for food, family, and fun but do not forget about your self-care.

Enjoy the 80-degree afternoon to the 49-degree evening by the bonfire. Love each and every outfit you put on because your body is yours year-round! Eat and be merry because Christmas is going to have the same outcome for your New Years Resolution. Fall air brings the change we all need.