Extraordinary And Inspiring Qualities Only Authentic People Have

Being authentic these days has sadly become a rarity, and it is a trait that is slowly fading away. Unfortunately, the reality of today is we live in a callous and fake society. A lot of the old-school values that we once appreciated and held with value are now a thing of the past.

More people no longer care whether they stand out from the crowd and are quite happy to go with the mainstream, blend in with the crowd. Copying or stealing other’s ways or ideas seems to be the norm rather than going out there and creating their own unique ideas and being creative themselves.

Finding people who are the real deal, authentic and genuine in Today’s world is like finding a nugget of gold. If you have even one of these people in your circle, count your blessings, because they are hard to come by.

Authentic people, what exactly do I mean when I say this?

To me being authentic is to stand as your true self, flaws and all, letting your soul shine through in a world that continuously tries to change us and box us in. Authentic people have nothing to hide; they have no qualms about expressing themselves and standing up for the truth and what they believe in. They have their own set of values and live their life by these, regardless of how weird or unacceptable they might be to the general masses. Their whole being shines with honesty and integrity. Being around an authentic person is a pleasure.

1. Their Perception Of Life Is Realistic

They are well aware of where they stand in life; they make it a point to be mindful of their strengths and weaknesses. They know life is ever-changing and embrace the changes rather than fight them. They live in the present moment and accept every challenge as a way to grow and learn. A person with a genuine soul is well aware that the key to happiness is accepting the changes as they come and nurturing them. They are flowing not forcing.

2. Expressing Their Emotions Is Not An Issue For Them

Authentic people have no fears or concerns with showing the world that they are different. Being different is what makes these people unique, one-of-a-kind type of people. They don’t feel it necessary to be tied to the norm; they follow their own paths in life, living their life by their personal core values. If something is not for them, they won’t be swayed; they will stand up for what they feel is right.

3. They Are Considerate And Compassionate People

Authentic people are pure and genuine souls. They have tremendous empathy for those around them and love nothing more than to be able to help others. These are the people to look to if we want to make a change in this world, they lead by example. Authentic people keep us tuned into the frequency of love by showing us that there is love in the world.

4. Authentic People Know Their Weaknesses And Are Always Learning From Their Mistakes

Being authentic means accepting ourselves just the way we are, accepting all parts of ourselves, flaws and all. It is a way of showing the world we accept our differences and are proud and happy to show them off. Not only are they sure of who they are, but they also value and embrace their uniqueness. When people show up authentically, they give others the freedom to be themselves too. Fitting into the norm is not on their list of priorities; being themselves is.

5. They Make No Judgement Of Others

Authentic people are fully aware that each one of us, each soul has our own unique path and purpose to fulfill. They have no interest in judging others for the choices they make, or for where they might be on their own particular journey. They understand how difficult it is to follow your path; they know what it took for themselves to get to where they are. Because of this, they have no judgment on others, only a helping hand if needed.

6. They Look After Their own Physical and Emotional Needs

Authentic people are conscious of the fact that we are the ones that are entirely responsible for our happiness, it comes from no outside source, but from within. Self-love and self-care are the first things on their list, as, without this, they are of no use or help to anyone else. They know that to love and help others, we have to start with ourselves.