Exposing Secret Sex Parties Of The Super Wealthy: Hotel Worker Reveals Dark Side Of Humanity

Revealing the Disturbing Secrets of Wealthy Hotel Guests: An Inside Look at Wild Behavior and Shocking Incidents

An individual, concealing their identity behind a mask, has come forward as a whistleblower, shedding light on the dark secrets of the affluent guests who have graced the hotel lobby.

During an interview with Vice, the anonymous hotel operations manager shared chilling details of hedonistic parties that led to rooms being destroyed and even incidents involving the flinging of feces.

The manager himself agreed that such behavior seemed more suited to a zoo than a hotel, describing the actions witnessed as "inhuman."

These revelations unfolded as part of a conversation about the debauched conduct observed during the manager's tenure as a Front of House manager.

Without holding back, the employee exclaimed, "The hotel industry is a wild experience that helps you understand how disconnected the wildly wealthy are."

I've seen the darker side of humanity – suicides, murders, spousal abuse, human trafficking – that stays with you for a long time."

The manager even recalled a particular weekend when a group of approximately 60 affluent customers took over the entire hotel, a venture that cost them £250,000 for a two-day stay.

When it comes to engaging in debauchery within the confines of a private space among large groups, a wild orgy often tops the list. However, the hotel manager's reaction was far from celebratory upon discovering the state of the room left behind by the guests, which included blood, feces, and semen.

On a separate occasion, the staff encountered an issue with the shower in one of the rooms, raising further concerns.

As the manager proceeded to investigate, he stumbled upon a shocking revelation that left him speechless - the shower head had been completely removed and replaced with a four-foot-long hose intended for an anal probe.

Aside from wreaking havoc in the rooms, the wealthy guests demonstrated a lack of consideration for hotel staff. In many instances, the worker and their colleagues would receive meager tips of around $20 each.

Reflecting on this, the manager commented:

"The higher up that price value, the more common it is to be treated like you're less than human."

"The people who are coming to visit you – famous pop stars, Russian oligarchs – they have a private plane that they get on, a private vehicle with all tinted blocked out windows, sometimes they have security squads [and] they'll snap their fingers at them."

"Very large sense of entitlement where if they approach the desk they are the only thing that exists to you at that moment and that's what they came to expect from that level of entering a luxury hotel."