Experts Say Happiest Couples Watch Christmas Movies Together

Experts Say Happiest Couples Watch Christmas Movies Together

Start doing it, that's the point. I am talking about watching movies together, so you don't take me out of context.

Christmas is here.

Okay, fine. It's still a few days off and you haven't done all the preparations yet, but it's pretty close.

The Time For Happy Traditions And Rituals Is Upon Us.

And if you are in a great relationship, you have plenty to look forward to as the most wonderful time of the year unfolds.

However, this time you will get an unlikely Christmas gift from an equally unlikely source: researchers. Imagine that!

It's simple, if you watch Christmas movies with your spouse, these pros want you to keep at it. Apparently, watching movies together will make you happier.

But how? I am glad you asked.

1. Believe Me, It Came As A Shock To Everyone

Yes, even to the guys in lab coats analyzing the findings of the study. Obviously, before they did the study, they thought watching a movie with a spouse could influence the joy the couple shared.

What they could not have imagined is how huge of an impact the experience would have on their happiness.

2. The Trick Is To Discuss What's Going On

If you thought curling up on the couch with your partner and dozing off half an hour into the movie qualifies you for the benefits of watching movies as a couple, then you had it all wrong.

You have to engage with your partner and discuss what's going on in the movie. This is how you work through issues in your relationship without actually knowing it.

3. It Beats Regular Therapy

How's that for awesome? Therapy is expensive and humiliating, especially when it comes up during family meetings. Watching movies is romantic, and will make your family and friends jealous.

And here's the Christmas bonus: watching movies with your partner is better than therapy at helping you resolve the issues between you two.

4. The Evidence Is Compelling

A total of 174 couples were involved in the study by the University of Rochester and the University of California. Two groups were made from this, and one group was made to watch movies together.

Three years down the line, the movie watchers had better and happier relationships while the other group was dealing with difficult relationships or breakups.

5. No, It's Not Just Christmas Movies

Your chance to be happier as a couple doesn't have to end as soon as the Christmas season is over. You can watch many other types of movies together besides Christmas classics.

It's all about sharing these special moments together. You didn't think it was all about Santa's magical antics in these flicks, did you? It's about you as a couple, not the movies per se.

So, what movies will you watch with your partner this Christmas? How about making a list of your mutual favorites? It would be a fun challenge, right?