Experts Claim: These 11 Toxic Behaviors Prove Your Partner Is Abusive And You Are Better Off Without Them

Experts Claim: These 11 Toxic Behaviors Prove Your Partner Is Abusive And You Are Better Off Without Them

There is a time when you invest your love and emotions and your time and resources in a relationship that finally leads nowhere.

You give love, and instead, you get indifference. The affection you give, the respect, and all other things else are met with toxicity from your undeserving partner. You even begin to suffer psychologically.

At the end of the day, what you are getting is abuse. And no, abuse does not have to be physical.

But as they say, love is blind. So, you might be so in love with the wrong person that you don't notice or you choose to ignore their toxic behaviors.

But here are 11 ways to know you have a toxic partner.

1. They Are Way Too Jealous

Some jealousy is to be expected in relationships, but then that is a different issue altogether when it goes to the extreme. Extreme jealousy is practically a form of abuse. Being in a relationship with such a person can be draining and restrictive as you have to keep reassuring the person of your loyalty.

2. They Disrespect You

You should never feel disrespected in a relationship. If you do, that's a sign that you are with a toxic person. You should leave before it's too late.

3. They Belittle Your Feelings

When you have a partner who ignores your feelings or tells you that your feelings are misplaced, then you should seriously rethink the relationship. You have the freedom to feel whatever you want.

4. They Dictate What You Can And Can't Do

There is a world of difference between a partner asking for some assistance and someone who demands that you do what they want. It's abusive when your partner stops you from doing something you intended to do for no justifiable reason.

5. They Demean You

If someone doubts your capability at first, then that might be excusable. But if even after you have proved yourself to be up to the task, they still belittle you, then that's abusive.

6. They Violate Personal Space

Everyone needs some personal space, even from our partners. Therefore, if your partner constantly denies you a chance to have this freedom, then that's abuse. This includes them showing up at places you don't expect them unexpectedly. That usually shows they have a bad personality.

7. They Never Argue

Sometimes it's understandable. Your partner will not argue because they want to keep the peace. But when every argument is avoided, even the minor ones that would not cause any serious relationship issues, you should be concerned. This shows that the communication channels between you two are breaking down, and that's one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship.

8. Their Attention Is Suffocating

One of the red flags you are with the wrong person is when you notice their intention to commit way too early in the relationship. It usually foretells of their abusive tendencies, which usually emerge later during the relationship. It might feel flattering at first, but it is usually a way to control you.

9. They Insult You In Public

If they can do it in public, they can do it when it's just the two of you as well. However, public insults are especially cruel. Your partner should never put you down in front of other people.

10. They Want You To Interact Less With Other People

Although the fact that your partner wants to spend all of his time with you could seem romantic, when the goal is to cut you off from your friends and family, then you have a problem. These were people who were there for you before you met, and they have a place in your life unless you decide otherwise yourself.

11. They Don't Apologize

More specifically, they might not know how to make a genuine apology. For someone to say they are sorry, they have to be in your shoes. But if that never happens, then it's probably because they have toxic personalities.