Expert Believes Aliens Don't Visit Earth Because We're Too Stupid

expert believes aliens don’t visit earth because we’re too stupid

Aliens would have already visited earth if only we were smarter. This is according to a Harvard professor who insists we are all too stupid to be of any interest to extra-terrestrial life.

Let that sink in.

Alien races have already checked us out, and they were not amused by our lack of intelligence.

Never mind that we have invented the wheel, the car, the hadron collider, and the computer: aliens are still orders of magnitude more intelligent than we are.


That, apparently, is the reason they have decided to keep to themselves and resist the temptation to drop by and hang out.

Are they afraid that our stupidity will rub off on them?

Maybe; but apparently, there are a number of things aliens don't like about us and our planet. For instance, they hate grass.

That is probably why they took off even before they landed back in 2017 after flying a space object close to our planet.

expert believes aliens don't visit earth because we're too stupid

All this sounds quite crazy, but the guy sharing these opinions is a Harvard professor, Abraham Avi Loeb. They don't let anyone get such titles, you know.

The professor argued that the object in question might have been some junk the aliens left behind, and part of the spacecraft came loose.

Aliens Don't Want To Visit Earth

Overall, he believes the aliens have no interest in visiting us.


However, he does not think we should just stay and wait. Loeb recommends that we put up UFO detection posts at the scenes of these sightings.

He probably thinks this is important because these beings are not about to stop by and enjoy a cup of tea with cognitively impaired creatures. However, Loeb says that this would be a better way to put all these conspiracies to the test and get rid of all the made-up stories we often hear about aliens.


According to Loeb, the most common stars in our galaxy are dwarf stars. Also, most of the stars are about 10% the mass of the Sun and twice as cool as our sun.

For this reason, these stars are red in color and mostly produce infrared radiation.

Consequently, if there were life in planets close to them, these beings would have infrared eyes. So, rather than see our grass as green as we do, they would see it as dark red.

expert believes aliens don't visit earth because we're too stupid

Therefore, these aliens would not find our planet all that desirable. Apparently, according to Loeb, creatures with infrared eyes in the Milky Way don't find grass particularly appealing.

Also, our inferior intelligence could also be an issue:

"It's possible that we are not that attractive and we are not very interesting in terms of our intelligence."

How Would They Have Known We Are Not Smart Enough?

You are probably wondering how aliens came to the conclusion that we are not all that smart. Loeb has an explanation.


"For some reason, humans do not cooperate and that's really unfortunate, and it's not a sign of intelligence so I can imagine a much smarter kid on the block."

Nonetheless, the issue of aliens and their spacecrafts is a concern for the United States governments.

The U.S. has always been interested in UFOs as some reports concern instruments under the control of other countries America knows nothing about. Consequently, such instruments pose a threat to its national security.


Loeb insists he does not believe in conspiracy theories. He believes that if there were anything about alien civilization, then the media would have already leaked the news somehow.

expert believes aliens don't visit earth because we're too stupid

Apparently, people can report things about alien life that are not very true based on personal experiences.

Loeb's Advice

The professor suggests that we invest some money in the deployment of the best equipment we have to sites where reports about alien life have come from. Monitoring the environment for a long enough time would help us learn more about these extra-terrestrial creatures.


The question is: why worry about aliens and their space explorations if they don't think we are smart enough to merit a visit?