Expectations Vs Reality Can Be Brutal…REAL Brutal (28 Photos)

While surfing the world wide web, it is easy to find exciting things to buy. All products look amazing when we put them in our baskets.

However, on the day they arrive at our door, we might be in for a real surprise.

Here are 28 unlucky buyers that did not get what they paid for.

1. The costume looked fierce in the photos, however, that was not what the buyer received. His friend could not stop laughing at the failed design.

2. Target sent the customer his DVD in an anti-theft case. But, hey, at least the real product is inside!

3. These shorts from Old Navy looked good, however, they all had the security tags still attached.

4. Shoes usually come in pairs. Well, not always.

5. Amazon failed to consider the environment. Instead of packing the customer's 27 books in one box, they sent the books in 27 separate packages.

6. This Ceasar salad was $15 and we can see why the customer was disappointed.

7. The Halloween mask did not look very scary.

8. The customer ordered Brisket Nachos but got a serving of Kraft Singles.

9. This "5-star uber restaurant" carbonara did not live up the expectations.

10. When you order a PS5 controller on eBay, this can happen.

11. A customer decided to use his BOGO coupon to try the $9 premium steak sandwich at Subway. To his disappointment, there were not more than a few traces of steak inside.

12. This dog bed for $99 looked like something the cat dragged in.

13. You can not exactly blame the baker for making the customer's pizza like this. He followed the instruction and made it "half mushroom half pepperoni" right?

14. A reminder to always remember to check the size measurements.

15. The customer chose to not Wine about this painting from Amazon. They laughed instead.

16. The topper on the customer's one-year-old son's space-themed birthday cake might have given him nightmares.

17. Something when very wrong when a customer ordered two shirts from Old Navy and received 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon instead.

18. A customer still feels deep resentment towards Red Rooster Australia for serving him this dish three years ago.

19. A failed purchase from Dollar store. The puzzle was the wrong motive and missed 5 pieces.

20. This winter hat from Wish left much to be desired.

21. The pre-ordered signed vinyl record was a disappointment. The band mistakenly signed the wrapping plastic instead of the album cover.

22. There are so many different celebrations, this baker got confused when making a Mother's day cake.

23. The customer ordered a large pizza and cheese fries.

24. The keyboard covers came with some banners the customer had not ordered.

25. The keyboard from Staples turned out to be a case of Dr.Pepper instead.

26. A customer living in Bolton UK ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and find a latex glove baked into it.

27. This was not the stamp the customer ordered.

28. "A side of fries" ordered in a southern accent, and this came out on the receipt...