Ex-wrestler Virgil Claims He's Had Sex With One Million Women

Ex-wrestler Virgil Claims He's Had Sex With One Million Women

Virgil, a former professional wrestler, says he has had sex with one million women. Obviously, this doesn't add up.

He made the claims while on The Breadstick Diaries podcast.

Virgil (real name Michael Jones) is a WWE veteran. He was talking to Vinny Vegas, the podcast's host.

Vinny asked him: "What's your number Virgil, how many girls?"

The former wrestler was more than willing to answer the question:

"I don't know, maybe like... worldwide? Probably a million."

Ex-wrestler Virgil Claims He's Had Sex With One Million Women

On hearing the answer, Vinny roared in laughter and expressed doubts about the former wrestler's response: "Virgil, come on, a million?"

Still, Virgil insisted that he meant a million girls and then asked how many people there were in the world.

Vinny then asked if he was actually claiming that the estimated number of women he had slept with was a million, and Virgil said, "it could've been."

The podcast host claimed this was "more than Ric Flair."

Despite the confidence, the former wrestler displayed while saying he had been with such a large number of women, many people were not buying his story.

Ex-wrestler Virgil Claims He's Had Sex With One Million Women

A commenter said that they had done the math and concluded that, according to Virgil's claims, he had been with a woman every 37.5 minutes of his life since birth. The commenter considered that the man was born on 7th April 1951.

Someone else did the math and determined that his claim meant that he had slept with around 60 women daily over his 40 years of wrestling.

A different commenter claimed that what Virgil was saying was not true since Ric Flair was "THE man" and "had 10,000+" before adding, "Sorry Virgil/Vincent/Soul Train Jones, I don't believe it."

Even though the wrestler was generous enough to share his number with the world, he is exaggerating things a little.

Virgil got famous as a wrestler in the late 80s and early 90s.

Ric Flair has insisted that he has been with over 10,000 women throughout his WWE career.

Now 73, the former wrestler made the claims in 2017 during an ESPN documentary about his life and career as "Nature Boy."

If you did the math to confirm Ric Flair's claims, you would discover that if he has been sexually active since he was 16 years old, he has slept with three women every week for 54 years.

While Ric Flair had a lothario lifestyle, Hulk Hogan, another 80s wrestling icon, was a massive hit with the fans with his portrayal as an American hero.

Ric Flair said that while he was "selling sex and booze," his counterpart, Hulk Hogan, was "selling vitamins and milk."