Ex-UFC Beauty VanZant Sends Fans Into Meltdown As She Shows Off Bum In Bikini

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The ex-UFC star, well-known and sexy Paige VanZant, shared that she wanted everyone's attention.

When someone wants the attention of a large number of people, these moves are often dramatic. And yet, we must admit that the anticipation is killing us every single time!

So, Paige told her fans that she would be making a big announcement on Friday, and they needed to know about it.

And what else could catch the attention of the hungry Instagram followers than a steamy bikini picture?

It's not the first time Paige has done that.

Curvy VanZant surely cares for her followers on Instagram. If not, she wouldn't delight them with sweet and sexy pictures of her in bikinis.

However, she posted a picture of herself in a breathtaking bikini piece.

She wrote in the caption of the picture: "Friday…. 12 noon EST… be here. Lol, I have news."

Her fans got crazy about it, and one of her followers commented:
"Wow, Paige!!!🔥"

He was not the only one that noticed how hot and sexy Paige looked in the photo.

However, Paige is preparing for a third BKFC bout.

Lately, she has been sharing her workout routine with her Instagram followers. And they didn't hesitate to comment on how impressed they were with it.

The famous star is due to fight again in Denver this October as she looks to hit back from two shock defeats.