Ex-Prison Guard Who Had Sex With Inmate In Front Of 11 Prisoners Gives Out Address So You Can Write Her In Jail

Former correctional officer Tina Gonzalez, who was sentenced to seven months in prison for engaging in sexual activity with an inmate in front of 11 other prisoners after cutting a hole in her uniform, is now serving her sentence. She has shared her address for fan mail, making it possible for anyone to write to her at any time. Therefore, she has ample time to read the letters.

1. Gonzalez Left The Address On Her Instagram Page Before She Headed To Prison

During her bail period, Gonzalez, who has a following on Instagram as a model, shared her prison address for her admirers to contact her while she was incarcerated.

2. She Also Left Her CashApp Info

As commissary items are costly and there are no means to make money while being in prison, Gonzalez requires any additional funds that she can obtain. To this end, she requested her supporters to send her money to her CashApp account under the handle $23HustleHard, and it is likely that she has received some financial assistance from her fans.

3. This Should Keep Her Busy For The Next Few Months

To give a fair assessment, seven months of imprisonment is not considered a lengthy period, particularly when the maximum sentence of 3.5 years could have been imposed. However, it appears that Gonzalez received a relatively lenient sentence, considering her former superior, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, characterized her as "depraved."

4. Something Tells Me Gonzalez Isn't Ashamed Of What She Did In The Slightest

In fact, I am fairly certain that she would repeat her actions if given another chance. I suppose one should pursue their desires by any means necessary.