Ex-Miss Croatia Has Followers Begging Her To Join OnlyFans After Sexy Xmas Snaps

Ex-Miss Croatia Has Followers Begging Her To Join OnlyFans After Sexy Xmas Snaps

Ivana Knoll recently treated her over 3.6 million Instagram followers to a Christmas-themed series of photos.

The curvy former Miss Croatia slipped into a figure-hugging pajama set and posed with beautifully wrapped gifts by the Christmas tree.

Fans have been begging the beautiful brunette to start an OnlyFans account since they can not wait to see more of her.

The 30-yeard old beauty queen won the title of World Cup's hottest fan after showing off her fantastic figure both on the beach in Qatar and while cheering for her team at matches.

She became known for her Croatia-themed outfits and racy style, despite the country's strict dress code.

Her appearance in the audience of the World Cup put her in the spotlight and gave her online following a boast.

The spicy Christmas pajamas and other revealing outfits on Ivana's Instagram have made fans yearn for more. They have expressed their wish to see more adult and explicit content.

"Open an OnlyFans account," a fan suggested, while another promised: "Would sign up to your OnlyFans in a heartbeat."

"Any chance we can see what you look like underneath?" a curious follower asked.

The model and beauty queen, originally from Germany, is an avid fan of her favorite team and attended every game when Croatia played during the World Cup.

Due to her provocative outfits, she was accused of "disrespecting" Qatari culture. Ivana, however, did not experience any problems with the locals.

According to the voluptuous model, she had only positive experiences with the public throughout the tournament.

"I was very surprised and very happy that they accepted my clothing," she said during an interview on Talk TV in December.

"Lots of Arab and Qatari people came to do photos with me. Males, females, and kids … everyone. It was really nice to see."

"I didn't have any bad reactions, and I was very happy about that because they accepted us, the people from other countries, and I was happy about this," she concluded.