Ex-Girlfriends Aren't The Crazy Ones — Ex-Boyfriends Are Even Worse

Men often love to endlessly talk about how "crazy" their exes are, but the reality is that men can be equally difficult to deal with. If your partner starts complaining about his "psycho" ex-girlfriend or even refers to you in that way, here are some things to remind him of:

1. The sentiment goes both ways

In a relationship, there can be a situation where one partner wants to end it while the other wants to work it out. It's possible for one person to have moved on while the other is still deeply in love. This is not a matter of gender but rather a matter of emotions. Despite what some men may say, both men and women can experience hurt in these situations.


2. Men use their ego as a defense mechanism

In our society, it's often seen as more acceptable for women to feel self-conscious, while men are expected to be tough and unemotional. As a result, when men experience heartbreak, they often try to conceal their feelings and pretend not to care. During your relationship, you may have spent a lot of time boosting your partner's ego, but now that you've parted ways, he must learn to do so himself.


3. Have you ever seen the texts from my ex's Instagram?

It's common to find men who continue to text their exes even long after a breakup. This behavior is evidence that some men struggle to move on while others are outright disrespectful. Regardless, it's evident that both genders have a tendency to hold on to the past when it comes to exes.


4. Men might just be better at hiding their "crazy"

Women are generally more connected to their emotions and feel more comfortable expressing themselves, particularly to other women. Therefore, while women often have in-depth discussions about their feelings, men tend to dismiss emotions as a sign of weakness. Your partner may find it strange that you confide in your friends, but you may feel that he is equally irrational for keeping everything bottled up.


5. Some guys just can't give up (on sex that is)

After a breakup, women usually miss the emotional connection they had with their partner, while men tend to reminisce about the physical aspects of the relationship. Unfortunately, some men think it's acceptable to text their exes for sex despite the relationship being over. They seem to believe that the physical aspect of the relationship can continue even without the emotional connection. While this idea may seem absurd, it appears to be a common belief among many men.


6. Your ex doesn't understand why you hate him

Sometimes an ex may come back and try to establish a friendly relationship, even after treating you poorly. It's hard to understand why anyone would want to be friends with someone who made them feel worthless. It's quite an absurd idea, to say the least.

7. They go from head over heels to instantly so over it

It's quite a dramatic change - almost like a borderline bipolar reaction. One moment, he's professing his undying love for you, and the next, he seems to have forgotten you entirely. Regardless of who ended the relationship, everyone involved should take time to grieve and heal. The fact that he acts like nothing happened is truly psychotic.


8. He shows up the second you're starting to move on

It's almost like guys have a sixth sense for when you're finally moving on. The day you start feeling better, he suddenly texts you. It's almost as if they don't want you to fully move on from the relationship, even if they themselves have moved on. It's a way for them to boost their ego and maintain control over the situation, which is truly psycho.


9. Men use social media too

After a breakup, men tend to either completely cut ties with their ex or keep their social media links to cyberstalk them. There's usually no in-between. The reality is, men keep tabs on their exes, even if they act like they don't care. Even if he deletes all traces of you from his life, he somehow always knows when you start dating someone new. It's a creepy behavior, but it just goes to show that ex-boyfriends can be crazy too.