Ex-Firefighter Sues After She Was Fired 'Because Her Instagram Posts Were Too Provocative'

ex-firefighter sues after she was fired ‘because her instagram posts were too provocative’

It's hard to imagine that someone actually called the fire department to complain that one of their employees was looking insanely hot on her Instagram account. What's even harder to wrap our heads around is that the department actually took the complaint seriously and fired the said firefighter.

Many people don't think what happened to Presley Pritchard, 27, was fair. The firefighter-paramedic was let go solely because she was posting 'provocative' pictures online.

ex-firefighter sues after she was fired 'because her instagram posts were too provocative'

When firing her, Montana's Evergreen Fire District board informed her that a 'concerned citizen' had reached out and informed them of her social media activity.

After the complaint, she has been admonished on about 20 different occasions over the photos she posted on her social media accounts. In particular, the board took issue with how she looked in uniform and the form-fitting gym outfit she was wearing on Instagram.


Apparently, even the girl's standard issued women's pants were too provocative, and that led to the decision to issue her with men's uniform pants.

Obviously, the firefighter was dumbfounded:

"So I was like wow, fine, I'll wear men's pants! Are you serious? Am I supposed to leave my butt at home?"

"It was just ongoing — they would call me in for everything. It was just always like walking on eggshells there."

ex-firefighter sues after she was fired 'because her instagram posts were too provocative'

Male Firefighters Didn't Face Such Problems

The strangest thing is that male firefighters would often pose shirtless on their Instagram photos without having to deal with such problems. They also posted pictures of themselves working out or wearing their turndowns (heavy firefighting gear) with no complaints about their behavior.

In the end, the department fired her on the day she got back from her leave. They claimed that she had violated some social media policy.

According to Presley, that's not even a thing at the department.


That is why she will not take this injustice without a fight. She is currently suing the department for lost wages, money, and time, as well as emotional stress.

As far as she knows, she lost her job as a result of department-wide sexism. In all fairness, the department might have a hard time proving that sexism was not at play here.

ex-firefighter sues after she was fired 'because her instagram posts were too provocative'

Although the girl has a glowing Instagram profile, she clearly does a more important job of saving lives from burning buildings. Getting fired doesn't seem like the best decision.


To be fair, on Instagram, Presley looks like a high-profile model. Still, it's unfortunate that she would be prevented from doing the really important job of protecting people and property from fires.

Hopefully, she will be successful in her case and manage to compensate for the unwarranted dismissal from work. To be honest, it's hard to see how her Instagram pictures diminish her ability to work as a firefighter.