Everything You Wanted To Know About Movember And No-Shave November – Ladies Are Welcome

Everything You Wanted to Know About Movember, and No-Shave November – Ladies are Welcome

Come November 1. Men worldwide will show their freshly shaved faces as we start another Movember or no shave November.

It's not a social media trend, though it's great to see your friends and coworkers trying to rock 'staches, goatees, Fu Manchus, mutton chops, and other furry face-warmers.

If it's not some Instagram challenge, why bother? Because 1) it's important and 2) you can share it on your social media accounts.

The true meaning of Movember

everything you wanted to know about movember, and no-shave november – ladies are welcome

Movember started in Australia in 2003 to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. The Movember Foundation, a nonprofit, raised nearly $21 million in 2013 since this movement or challenge is now a worldwide tradition.

Essentially, it's a conversation starter that helps people be more open when talking about diseases.

Let's be honest here: testicular cancer is not something men like to even think about. But, it's real, often deadly, and breaking the stigma is essential.

The No-Shave November welcomes ladies as well

everything you wanted to know about movember, and no-shave november – ladies are welcome

The difference between Movember and No-Shave November is that the latter is not a different organization. It's also a little more anything goes.

The challenge started on Facebook in 2009. The ladies by ditching razors and encouraging men in their lives not to visit their barbers. The organization urges people to donate what they would otherwise spend on hair grooming to the American Cancer Society.

Women can stop shaving legs for a month, for example, while men still have a great conversation starter, and they are the ones who should be doing more of the talking either way.

Ready, set, participate

everything you wanted to know about movember, and no-shave november – ladies are welcome

To participate in Movember, start with fresh on the first day of the month and "donate your face" until November 30 by not shaving.

You can raise money, awareness, be a charity organization, and a walking billboard to get people talking about men's health.

To participate in No-Shave November, give up one of your hair grooming practices and donate what you'd normally spend on it toward cancer research.

Both organizations want you to have discussions, get information, and eventually realize that you can be part of the solution.

We won't cure cancer tomorrow, but with the rising numbers worldwide, we need to understand that each person can make a difference.

Embrace your hair

everything you wanted to know about movember, and no-shave november – ladies are welcome

Many cancer patients lose their hair. It's a common side effect of chemotherapy, often the only treatment option.

You and the cancer patients know that this disease doesn't play favorites, feel shame, and get those awful looks from others. The looks of pity, even avoidance, because we still live in a world where getting sick means you did something wrong.

By embracing your hair for 30 days, you are a spokesperson for all of those who lost the fight. And for all people who are fighting to save their lives.

It sounds so ridiculous but think about it. You get a pair of new shoes, and you know they won't be unnoticed. You get a new haircut, of course, you'll get compliments. So, by rocking new 'staches or going full-on caveman, people will ask, notice, talk.

If you're under mandatory lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can speak up on your social media accounts.

The bottom line is that people are suffering, and you won't save them; you don't have the cure. Making their lives bearable by getting rid of the stigma and donating gives us all hope.

For that one month, stop buying razors, and tell your barber that you'll see him come December. It's that easy.

Movember 2020 and No-Shave November are happening, and if you want to do more, try getting some exercise and eat healthier because the whole point is to talk and live as healthy as we can!