Everything You Need To Know About The Mama June And Honey Boo Boo Drama: A Timeline

Here are the recent updates on Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Geno Doak, and their ongoing legal and familial dramas.

Mama June, also now known as June Shannon, has been struggling with severe drug addiction for months. According to her family, the tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Geno Dark, caused her addiction.

June Shannon started dating Geno in 2016, but their relationship turned dramatic with proposals and death threats. The court had even ordered them to stay away from each other.


Here are the recent low moments of Mama June and Geno.

March 2019: Mama June's Arrest on 16th March

Before she and Geno were arrested, her family had staged an intervention, and the clip was featured on the finale of Mama June: 'From Not To Hot' on WE tv.

Her family, including Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin, had tried to beg Mama June to break up with Geno and go for rehab.


Although Mama June agreed to enter rehab, she stayed in the facility for 12 hours, then left.

And after two days, Mama June and Geno were arrested and charged for possessing drug paraphernalia and controlled substances, believed to be cocaine. The two were arrested in a gas station in Alabama following a domestic violence incident in their home.

Mama June was later released on bond, the same day she was arrested, according to WFSA 12 News.


April 2016: Mama June and Geno Doak Lay Low

Throughout the month, it seemed the couple decided to avoid being seen in public places. Although they were spotted on several occasions, hanging out together late at night at local casinos.

May 2019: Mama June Drama Heats Up

The finale of 'From Not To Hot' revealed Honey Boo Boo being under the care of her sister Pumpkin, her current legal guardian.


Mama June had told her mother that she had been feeling 'unsafe' and had to move out.

June 2019: Mama June Awaits Criminal Hearing

Following her arrests in March, Mama June isn't allowed to leave Alabama state until her court hearing. But the actual date of the trial remains unknown.