Everything The Student-Athlete Loses When They Move On From Sports

Everything The Student-athlete Loses When They Move On From Sports

I must say, who doesn't love a student-athlete! It doesn't matter what the sport is because it's not so much the sport that causes an athlete to stand out, but it's the ability and the endurance of the athlete who is making miraculous basketball shots, or touchdowns, or marathon runs, or whatever the sport is, that makes he or she stand out. But the real question is, what happens when the athlete no longer does sports and decides to move on from the thing that brought them so much prestige? Here are a few things that they would literally lose.

1. Popularity

Athletes love the fact that everyone wants to be like them and everyone loves them for their athletic abilities. Once they move on from sports, they just might possibly be forgotten or not recognized as much. This could cause the athlete to get a little depressed but there is one thing that he or she will always have, and that is the memory of once being great at sports in their lifetime!

2. Lose their Body Build

The majority of the time, when a person moves on from sports, they begin to lose some of the muscles that they once had. Their body starts to look more regular instead of very muscular and perfectly built. This is because they are not working out like they previously were. It's as if, they sometimes take a small break and allow their body just to do whatever it wants to do. But eventually, they seem to try and make their way back to the gym but still, they don't do as strenuous of a workout as they previously did.

3. They lose their routine

After being on a very serious routine, they are no longer required to continue the routine because it is not mandatory and there is no game coming up for them to exercise and prepare for. They tend to have a lot more free time on their hands and they tend to not know what to do with all of that time.

4. If they have made it to the NBA or the NFL or anything pro, then they are receiving a check!

However, if an athlete decides to walk away from sports, they will lose their money. Now that is a hard pill to swallow. Usually, after an athlete walks away from sports, they still tend to want to be a sportsman because they still want to feel a sense of being there in the game.

So you see, whenever an athlete has been given the special talent of doing things extraordinary, it's as if they are some type of hero and kids want to be just like them. Kind of like the slogan a long time ago that they had for Michael Jordan. They used to have a slogan that said, "I wanna be like Mike." This was not done because of his good looks or the way he talked. No, this was because of the way he could jump so high that it looked like he was flying. They even named a shoe after him called Air Jordan.

Yes, I do believe that when an athlete decides to walk away, they do seem to give up a lot and that is okay because they had the opportunity to live in that moment, and there's not a lot of people in this world that can actually say, they lived in that moment of being spectacular as an athlete.