Everything About Emily In Paris, The New TV Show From The Creator Of SATC

Everything About Emily In Paris, The New Tv Show From The Creator Of Satc

Sex and The City isn't coming back for the third movie, but thanks to Netflix, we will soon get Emily in Paris.

Over 20 years ago, Sarah Jessica Parker, Darren Star, & co. created a TV show that changed the way we see women.

The popularity of SATC brought us two and almost a third movie, and in the fall, Netflix is bringing us a new hit, Emily In Paris, starring Lily Collins.

She plays a Chicago native who is moving to Paris, and that's when Emily's adventure starts.


The show will bring some old and some new faces. Kate Walsh, from Grey's Anatomy, will be joined by French actors Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, and Bruno Gouery.

Keeping Emily In Paris A Secret

everything about emily in paris, the new tv show from the creator of satc

In late 2019, the reports caught gorgeous British actress, Lily Collins, filming something in beautiful outfits.


People assumed it was a perfume ad, but they were wrong. Thanks to incredible stylist Patricia Field, we are already in love with the show.

Even if everything else fails, we will get memorable fashion moments, which is one of the reasons so many people loved SATC.

Emily's Journey

everything about emily in paris, the new tv show from the creator of satc

Emily's a marketing manager, and without much hesitation, she chooses to replace a windy city for the city of lights.


She doesn't speak any French, and she's trying to do things the American way. Well, that will bring her troubles, both in her professional and romantic life.

Naturally, we'll get to see more of Paris, which played a crucial role in Carrie Bradshaw's journey in the last season of SATC.

And let's not forget that at that time every young lady wanted a grey Versace gown and striped top, as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Miss Bradshaw.

Short And Sweet

everything about emily in paris, the new tv show from the creator of satc

Emily in Paris will have ten episodes, and each lasts for 30 minutes. Will there be season 2?

Considering that everything stopped only a few months ago, it's hard to say. COVID 19 will have the final word, despite how well Emily does with the audience.

We have yet to find out the release date. "MTV Studios and I couldn't hope for a more perfect home for Emily In Paris than Netflix," Starr said. "With their international reach, we are excited to share Emily with audiences around the world."

Needless to say, we're excited, since it sounds like perfect TV for colder, gloomier days.