Everyone Is Going Nuts Over The "Nodding Woman" Behind Trump At Town Hall

Everyone Is Going Nuts Over the “Nodding Woman” Behind Trump at Town Hall

Netizens noticed something interesting, and it has very little to do with President Trump's speech.

The nodding woman behind Donald Trump got her 15 minutes of Twitter fame and hashtags. Appropriately, they are "#noddingwoman" and "#noddinglady.

Who's Nodding Woman?

Florida immigration attorney and Trump supporter Mayra Joli sat behind the president during the NBC town hall evening. She ran for a Congressional seat in 2018 as an independent, pro-Trump candidate.


Joli or the nodding woman. refers to herself as the "master of selfies." She greeted the president after the town hall speech and shared the video on her Facebook account.

Everyone Is Going Nuts Over the “Nodding Woman” Behind Trump at Town Hall

During the event, Joli said to POTUS:

We have your back! You see, you see you are the best.

Trump replied:

Where are you from?

The nodding Joli stated:

I'm from the Dominican Republic, but I'm American, I'm an American.

"Hey, Sammy Sosa?" Trump said, referring to the Dominican-born former Chicago Cubs baseball player while pretending to swing a baseball bat.


Joli told Trump that Sosa endorsed her 2018 race to represent Florida's 27th Congressional District, in which she received 2.5 percent of the vote.

everyone is going nuts over the

Joli is a five-time beauty queen and a commentator on Spanish-language television. She has consistently expressed her support for Trump, saying in a 2017 interview with the Herald that he inspired her campaign.

I am not looking to run [for Congress] because I need a paycheck, like Donald Trump. I'm not looking to run because I need fame, like Donald Trump. I'm running because I need this country to succeed. Like Donald Trump, I don't drink.


Joli was a Clinton supporter

Rep. Donna Shalala won the November 2018 election over Republican candidate and Cuban American former broadcast journalist Maria Elvira Salazar by approximately 6 percentage points.

But, the story get more interesting as you keep on digging.

How about that great woman behind me? She kept going. I love her.


Trump said, adding:

I met her right after. She's great. But I tell you, she was definitely a Trump person. They made a big mistake. The mistake they made was they forgot to check the audience.

Joli was a Hilary Clinton supporter back in 2016. So what made her change her ways?


The more they trashed him, the more I wanted to find out more about him, and I've been supporting him since. The rest is history.


Joli said, continuing:

Donald Trump taught me that I cannot just be silent, and I have to think for myself.

everyone is going nuts over the

So, the story about the nodding woman goes beyond the red face mask and, well, nodding. It's a story about a woman. One woman's journey to finding a suitable political party.

She lost her spot in congress in 2018, but her newfound fame might give her a second chance, especially if President Trump wins another mandate.