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Everyone Is Furious At The Overweight Survivor Of A Plane Crash For Blocking Others From Escaping

overweight survivor of a plane crash for blocking others from escaping

A botched super jet landing in Moscow, Russia, resulted in the aircraft experiencing heart-stopping bounces around the Sheremetyevo airport's airstrip. Ultimately, this caused the plane to burst into flames.

When the fire started, the passengers were obviously in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Ironically, some were still trying to take their luggage with them as they fled the flames.

The problems with the jet arose long before it made it to the airport. In fact, the plan was to fly all the way to Murmansk, but an emergency problem forced it to land immediately at the airstrip.

As soon as the fuselage hit the tarmac and got torn apart, the jet turned into a fireball. All this was recorded in shocking security footage.

As soon as this happened, it was time to save lives.

overweight survivor of a plane crash for blocking others from escaping

Tatyana Kasatkina, a 34-year-old flight crew member, started helping out the slow people by grabbing them by their collars and forcing them to leave the plane for their own safety.

The rescue mission was not without its casualties. Maxim Moissev, a fellow flight attendant, lost his life while trying to get the rear exit door open.

overweight survivor of a plane crash for blocking others from escaping

The important exit failed him when the occupants of the doomed craft needed it the most.

Lives Perished, Reason For The Crash Unknown

Unfortunately, 41 people ended up dead after the crash, and among them were two family members. Moissev was the only crew member to perish during the disaster.

The reason for the crash remains a mystery even to the Russian aviation authorities. However, they believe one of three things caused the disaster.

For starters, it's possible the pilots were unqualified to fly the plane. Secondly, the weather might have been more than the pilots could handle, and thirdly, the plane may have suffered serious equipment malfunction.

However, flight recorders were found, and they could help shed more light on what truly happened and caused the plane to crash. Also, the authorities are responsible for failing to ground the plane despite the danger it could have posed to the country's residents.

overweight survivor of a plane crash for blocking others from escaping

Overweight Passenger Draws Public Outrage For Blocking Exit

Meanwhile, an overweight survivor has had to deal with blame for blocking the exit with his excess weight. At the time, he was also trying to save himself and his luggage.

The man, Dmitry Khlebushkin, also thought it was a great idea to demand a refund since he was not treated as he expected by the crew. This is despite the fact that everyone else was mourning the loss of 41 lives.

For this reason, the overweight passenger has become the target of public rage, with people holding him accountable for the death of the people behind him.

People don't like the fact that he blocked the exit and caused the potential deaths of many people, or the fact that he has the audacity to complain about the airline's services and ask for a refund although he was lucky enough to get away with his life.

Many People Think The Deaths Could Have Been Avoided

The shocking footage of the crash was later shared, and it shows the plane bouncing along the runway before collapsing to the ground and erupting into a ball of fire accompanied by a huge cloud of smoke.

Similarly, a lot of Russians are angry at the large passenger, who proved himself dishonorable by trying to save his backpack while he could have tried to help save the lives of his fellow passengers.

According to one commenter, he is directly responsible for many deaths:

"He saved his backpack. And he is looking really great, knowing that everyone further back than the 11th row died."

Another pointed out that passengers who tried to save their luggage were also responsible for the deaths:

"The first passengers tried to throw out their bags from the cabin and then to slide down. This is why there are delays."

Similar comments followed:

"That fat man from the video who was angry that he did not get a refund within 40 minutes – he surely took his bag from the overhead compartment despite all the other people."

overweight survivor of a plane crash for blocking others from escaping

Without a doubt, people are not very happy with this selfish passenger, and the truth of the matter is that he is probably the reason the death toll from this crash was so high. If he had not blocked the exit, a lot more people could have gotten away with their lives.