Everybody Has A Soulmate - 5 Different Types Of Soulmates To Meet And Love

Everybody Has A Soulmate – 5 Different Types Of Soulmates To Meet And Love

Some of us believe that everyone has a soulmate, and others believe we have more than one. As social creatures, we share deep bonds with each other. We want to connect with those around us and can do that in many different ways.

The world is full of souls and soulmates. Here are five different types for you to meet and love:

The BFF Soulmate

If you're lucky enough to have found your BFF soulmate, you'll know how intense the bond can be. Best friend soulmates just get you. They understand how you operate, know what makes you tick, and will always be there for you.


Best friend soulmates are usually platonic, and never lose each other over the years. Even if your life changes or you have to move away, your BFF soulmate will always be with you.

The Impulsive Soulmate

This soulmate can swing in like a wrecking ball, but honestly, you love having them around. These high emotional soulmates might be different than you, but you love basking in their chaotic energy.


Impulsive soulmates can take you on adventures you'd be too scared to go on alone. But be warned - sometimes impulsive soulmates can lead to disaster.

The Short Term Soulmate

This soulmate comes into your life quickly and makes a swift exit. These short-term whirlwinds can be platonic or romantic.

Maybe you make a new friend over the summer, and then they've jet-set off to a new city by fall. However long they're in your life, short-term soulmates still bring excitement and wonder.


Maybe it's a short-term romantic relationship where you really learn and grow, and then circumstances change. Not all soulmate bonds last forever, but that doesn't make them any less valuable.

The Spiritual Soulmate

This soulmate is really connected to you on the spiritual side of the soul to soul bonding. You might meet this person and feel like you've known them for lifetimes. You might feel like they understand you more than other people in your life.


Whatever it is, the spiritual soulmate is on the same plane as you. You both instinctively understand each other

The Forever Soulmate

This is the one we hear about in songs and watch in movies. You will feel connected to your forever soulmate on every level.

Not everyone has the same expectations for their soulmate, but forever soulmates share the same goals and priorities as you do.


The forever soulmate is our other half, and the bond lasts forever.