Every Week Boy Packs 100 Bags W/ Food And Hope For The Homeless

every week boy packs 100 bags w/ food and hope for the homeless

Dusty is not your average 9-year-old boy. While his peers might be more preoccupied with playing video games or watching TV, this 9-year-old boy is busy fighting hunger harder than most people ever could.

The boy fills as many as 150 sack lunches for the homeless every week.

He got started on this project after a local soup kitchen declared him too young to volunteer. The news must have disappointed him, but he did not give up on his desire to help make the world a better place.

His family had been volunteering at soup kitchens since he was five years of age.

Dusty's Sacks Of Hope

After his offer to help the needy was turned down, he came up with an ingenious plan where his age would not be an issue as he tried to help the needy in his community.

Therefore, Dusty started packing "Dusty's Sacks of Hope." He packed the brown bag lunches at the kitchen table.

From there, he and a couple of volunteers deliver the lunches to the homeless in Portland, Oregon.

He gets help from his cousin, Caelie Agosta, who assists by raising funds to help pay for the "Sacks of Hope."

The project also has a GoFundMe page that managed to raise more than $2,600 in just a month. Therefore, anyone in the world can take part in this program.

According to these kids, $200 can help provide food bags for around 120 to 130 people. Therefore, even if you have a few dollars to donate to the charity, you can still help a homeless hungry person get a meal.

His mom is also very supportive of his charity work, and she admits that she is incredibly proud of her son. His cousin also prefers changing the world to playing with friends.

The media have gotten in on this touching story, and here is a video feature of the boy helping out the needy.

If Dusty helps prove something, it's that age or availability of resources should not get in your way if you have a willingness to help the needy. Without an income or the kind of access adults have, Dusty is still able to bring smiles to the faces of many homeless people by giving them a meal.