Every Man Regrets Pushing Away A Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

Every Man Regrets Pushing Away A Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

When you're young and stupid, you fail to recognize that some people will move mountains for you. So, you end up pushing away that one woman because she seemed needy. That's how you end up with regret the moment you grow up.

Hey, you, you, big man, I am talking to you! Pay attention carefully because you don't want to end up miserable and full of questions. You know she loves you. And you know she'll do anything for you. Still, you think she's not enough. And you know that you two are good together, but you're probably all like: "there's more fish in the sea." Even sea creatures can recognize their mates. You can't, but you sure as heck do know how to push away a woman who loves you for everything you are.

No one is saying you should force yourself to be with a woman because it's convenient. But if you have feelings, plus you see that your lady is head over heels for you, then maybe you should give her more. More time, and more of yourself. The thing about women is that they love hard, and they are going to fight like lionesses for you. Until they stop, and then you won't see them again. They'll realize they deserve better and have a more peaceful, happier life. Perhaps your woman will settle for someone lesser, but at least she won't have to prove that she was more than enough.

Guys tend to push away girls who try the hardest. They want to chase. It's their nature, but one would think evolution taught us better. See, you may enjoy the thrill of the chase, but that temporary pleasure leaves a hole and leaves you lonely. You are taking for granted all that you already have, and the most irritating thing about men, in general, is that they don't try to communicate. It's not cool for a guy to talk to his girl. But ask yourself this: will you care what was cool back in 2020 in ten years?

Humans are social creatures; we need a place to call home. We crave a person that will provide sanctuary for us. No matter how much you love your single life, the chances are that you won't enjoy it forever. Do you want to spend years with a girl who's in it for all the wrong reasons, the one who settled for you? Or will you want to have a life with a woman who's fighting for everything you are, loving you, and finding bliss even in your flaws?

Women are quite simple: we will either do the impossible for you because we want you to be happy. Or, we will ignore you, because we don't give a heck. We aren't hard to read, but if a guy is sending mixed signals, which you do, then how do you expect us to act rationally? If you are looking for a healthy relationship, try talking honestly to your lady and stop playing mind games. She's not a mind reader, nor is she your toy. Stop giving her hope only to take it away. Instead, use words and remember that she doesn't have to love you. She made her choice, but when you're pushing her buttons, she will gladly change her mind.

Many guys tend to freak out once women start making plans regarding the future. You have your macho crap, and that's your nature. We love the idea of nesting, of creating a home, full of love, and if you think there's anything wrong with that, complain to our nurturing nature. Yes, we evolved to the point where we don't need men. But, if we do decide to let you into our lives, it's because we wanted you. Not to buy us presents, or to give us babies: we got that covered. But to love us, give us more than a vision of love. More than a hint of what might be.

Silly men, always pushing away the women who love them the most. You might argue women are the same. But this isn't about us, ladies. It's about you and your unhealthy obsession to always be the one who's in control, the one who can break a good woman into pieces. Wake up, before regret comes knocking at your door. She will be long gone. And you, my friend, will be left to blame yourself.