Even When A Girl Calls You Bro, You Can Still Get Out Of The Friendzone

Even When A Girl Calls You Bro, You Can Still Get Out Of The Friendzone

Many guys get confused about a lot of things girls say. For instance, what does it mean when you get called bro? To many guys, this dreaded term is a one-way ticket to the humiliating friendzone.

But I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

There are other options to consider beyond the friend zone. For instance, what if a girl calls you bro to tease you or is scared to use a more endearing term because she has no idea how you will respond to words like babe and honey?

The point is, a girl can call you bro even when there is relationship potential.

This word does not mean your hopes of attracting her romantically have completely crashed and burned.

That is why we even have guys who ask: why does my girlfriend call me bro? This goes to show that this little word does not exclude the possibility of having a bubbling romance in the future.

So, let's say your crush has just called you bro or dude. What are you to do? First, let's find the meaning behind this cryptic word.

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Calls You Bro?

even when a girl calls you bro, you can still get off the friendzone

If a girl calls you brother, don't immediately step back based on the assumption that your hope of having a relationship with her is completely gone.

Being called bro can mean a lot of things. Sure, being friend-zoned is one of the undesired implications of this title, but there are other reasons she might have called you bro.

First of all, some girls simply call everyone bro, and there is no hidden meaning behind it. This is just a word she uses on guys she is close with, in which case being called bro should be a good sign she considers you close.

For some, however, it could mean she is attention-seeking or friend zoning you.

Just be sure she uses this term on other guys close to her and not just you. Otherwise, it might be true you have failed the test for a romantic partner and gotten relegated to the friendzone.

Also, if you have known each other long enough to use terms of endearment and she still calls you bro, it might have something to do with the fact that she is not sure about her feelings towards you.

Heck, she might even be scared of you. If she calls you all the time and tries to stay in touch throughout the day to know what you are up to, you are more than a bro.

She might be looking for a sign that you feel the same way she feels about you before declaring her feelings by calling you, sweetie or honey.

How Do You Respond When Your Crush Calls You Bro?

even when a girl calls you bro, you can still get off the friendzone

I know most guys respond to being called bro by trying to push the girl off. After all, she will seem like a write-off if she doesn't consider you a romantic prospect.

But that's the last thing you should do. Instead, keep her close, or better yet, closer. Generally, there are mistakes you can avoid to get off the friendzone. She might be looking for assurance that you have a potential future together as partners.

She might be hiding her feelings from you because she thinks you won't give her the time of day.

So, be on the lookout for her body language and see if it offers any promise of having a relationship, even if her words do not.

So, What Do You Say When A Girl Says Bro?

even when a girl calls you bro, you can still get off the friendzone

Obviously, you might not like it when she calls you bro. But telling her so or grilling her about it will not send the right message.

She might get upset or think you were waiting for a chance to take advantage of her and are now angry because you think it's gone.

So, an angry "is that all I am to you?" is not how to reply when a girl calls you brother. When she calls you dude, and you are sure it confirms your worst fears, then move on. She wasn't the girl for you anyway, but you can keep her as a friend if you want to.

However, if she calls you bro and also shares with you her romantic escapades, then know that she considers you a friend and nothing more.

In that case, accept that a relationship might never happen for you. But if you think there might be hope for you, here are a few tips for turning her into a girlfriend.

How To Attract A Girl Even When She Calls You Brother

even when a girl calls you bro, you can still get off the friendzone

I have good news for you. If she calls you bro and you suspect she is doing it to cover up her feelings, then it means she trusts you.

If she flirts while calling you bro, you and your crush might be in the same boat.

She is comfortable around you, and you are definitely her friend. But there's work to be done, and here is what you should do.

Make Her Stop Calling You Bro

even when a girl calls you bro, you can still get off the friendzone

On some level, she calls you bro because you put out a "brother vibe." That has to stop because people don't date their brothers.

This means you have to make sure she gets past whatever makes her unsure of your potential as a partner. For instance, you can try and prove to her she means more to you than just a friend.

A good start is inviting her out for a date. You can also share the feelings you have for her with her.

Of course, you have to be as honest as possible. But also, be sure to address the issue she is worried about so you get past the "bro" title.

If she needs to see that you are more romantic, prove that you can be romantic. If she wants you to be more responsible, give it a try.

But by all means, to make her stop calling you bro, stop acting like her friend or brother.

Let her know you find her romantically attractive and that you want more than just friendship. And then she will probably stop saying, "he's just like a brother to me," when people ask her about you. Also, be on the lookout for reasons you are always ending up in the friendzone to avoid this problem in the future.