Even If She Loves You Passionately, She'll Be Okay Without You

Even If She Loves You Passionately, She’ll Be Okay Without You

There are women in this world who love fully, completely and utterly, but if that love isn't returned, she doesn't fall apart.

Many women know the pain of loving a man just to have their hearts shattered. Every woman deals with it differently, but there are women who do not feel like they'll ever heal or be alright again. Instead, they are perfectly fine without the person, whether they are loved or not.

One thing is for sure, this kind of woman is not like any you've ever met before. She is one of a kind and it's likely you will never meet someone like her ever again.

She'll Rock Your World

This kind of woman doesn't need a 'better half,' but she will make your life better and enrich it in ways you couldn't even imagine before.

Women like this have a kind and caring heart but still manages to be a beast. She is committed, fiercely loyal and invested. She'll push you to be better.

She inspires you to want to be the best version of yourself. Your world will be rocked.

She Is Independent

Despite loving with all her heart, she will never be dependent on her lover - she's her own biggest supporter.

She won't accept negative or bad behavior, not from anyone. This includes the person she loves - she won't take your nonsense.

She knows what she is worth and won't settle for anything less than that. Not even from the person she is in love with. Her standards will be lowered for absolutely no one.

She Does Not Need You

When this kind of woman enters into a relationship, it's because she wants to, not because she needs to.

She isn't particularly picky, but if she chooses to be with you, it is because she really wants to.

She Will Walk Away

Although this woman will love you like no one else ever has, rest assured that she will walk away. If you don't show her the respect and love she knows she deserves, she won't hang around.

If you decide to end things, she won't become needy or desperate. You won't be begged for another chance by this woman.

Instead, she'll deal with it with grace, dignity and pride.

She Won't Play Games

You can expect a mature relationship with this kind of lady. She won't waste her (or your) time with mind games or the like.

What you see is what you get, no ploys at making you jealous or silly behavior.

She Can Still Love With All Her Heart

Just because she doesn't settle for less or grow dependent doesn't mean that this woman can't love. She gives her everything. It's just that she will be okay without you. She does get hurt but deals with it and moves on with her life.

Such a strong woman doesn't see failures, she sees lessons and she will use it to grow even stronger.

She Is Happy On Her Own And Can Make You Happy Too

Because this kind of woman finds happiness without the help of someone else, she can give it expertly.

This woman knows what is needed for a satisfactory life and can make you feel incredibly blessed. A lady like this is aware that happiness comes from within, not the outside.

She doesn't need anyone else's validation or approval. A fiery lady like her isn't dependent on other's opinions of her.

Love Her Like She Deserves

If you find a woman like this, appreciate her and do not let go. Love her in the many ways she deserves it. Make sure you never ever take her for granted because she will let you go. And she will move on.