Eva Green Spotted In Yoga Pants (50 Pics)

Eva Green has distinguished herself as a model and actress. She has also mesmerized many people with her gorgeous looks.

The French enjoys the prestige that comes with being a Bond girl after she appeared in Casino Royale back in 2006.

She has been in numerous films since she debuted as an actress in The Dreamers in 2003.

Additionally, her looks have not escaped the attention of many. Bertolucci, her co-star in The Dreamers, said that she was "so beautiful it's indecent."

She is also the face of the Emporio Armani campaign. Green also got the sixteenth position on Maxim's hot list in 2006.

Green was also on Empire magazine's list of 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

The gorgeous actress has a twin sister who was born two minutes after she was born. Although she is naturally blond, she made the decision to dye her hair brown when she was a teenager.

Although she looks like a very bold girl in films, she describes herself as a "nerdy" girl who might seem cold and distant. Ironically, she thinks this personality is what makes her so passionate about acting since she can mask her real self once the cameras start rolling.

Therefore, many of her roles are paradoxical since they are usually graphic and sexually charged. She has joked that she does not understand the reason she does this. She has also admitted that she has a preference for darker roles since she finds them liberating.

Still, even though she might not be a party girl, she loves to dress in glamorous outfits whenever she is out in public.

Thanks to her obvious acting talent, Green has won several awards and gotten nominated for several others.