Europe During The Coronavirus

Europe During The Coronavirus

I came to Milan for foreign exchange at the beginning of February and I still haven't left. If you're wondering what life is like, well, simply put it's boring. Life is boring. We can't leave, we can't go to classes, see friends, or just grab a coffee. Life is boring and feels like an over-exaggeration until suddenly you find out that your neighbor back home has COVID-19. Then you understand why it's so important.

I've complained more than my fair share of not being able to leave the house. To go to the supermarket I have to wait between half an hour and an hour and a half to get in. Life has ground to a halt.

The European Commission has had to ask Netflix to reduce streaming quality to reduce the strain on internet providers. Italy, Spain, and now France and the United Kingdom are implementing shelter in place orders throughout the country. Here in Italy our quarantine just got extended for the third time. We are expected to shelter in place until April 15th.

Sometimes these measures seem ridiculous. They seem ridiculous until you find out that ice rinks are being used as morgues or patients are lying on the floor in first world countries with universal healthcare because there isn't enough room.

europe during the coronavirus

Life is boring being trapped inside, and TikTokers have been able to really get creative. Artists are posting live-streamed concerts, actors are reading poems, Shakespeare, and other stories. Motivation and inspiration are either lacking or skyrocketing.

However, life in quarantine is getting very hard. Students are struggling with online classes. People aren't sure how they are going to make ends meet this month. Parents are trying to keep little children entertained in apartments. The little freedom you still have to go shopping or go to the pharmacy can be stripped away the moment someone in your household tests positive.

2020 might not be our year. But out of the darkness comes the light. We will come out of this stronger than ever. Now it's time to stay home, be a good neighbor, and don't buy up the last of everything. Don't visit your parents or grandparents no matter how much you are dying to hold them close. Make sure they have everything they need and if you can, help someone else who desperately needs it.

A day in the life of Milan under Coronavirus is very boring for the majority of people who live here. But for another part of the population, it's a war zone against an enemy we cannot see and do not understand.

You might be sick of hearing this but it is very important and your way of being a superhero: stay home and wash your hands.

If you want the most up to date and accurate information go to the World Health Organization (WHO). Information can change from one hour to the next with this pandemic and there is a lot of false information floating around.