"Euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney: I Barely Earn Enough To Survive

"euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney: I Barely Earn Enough To Survive

Apparently, being in a popular television show does not mean average money issues are a thing of the past. Sydney Sweeny, Euphoria star, revealed that she does not have enough to live like a rockstar.

Sydney said she does not have enough to cover her expenses for the next six months. She may be a rising sex symbol, but she revealed to the media that nobody was supporting her.

Additionally, she does not have anyone she can turn to if she can't cover her bills.

Still, the 24-year-old says she is not broke. She has been in promotional campaigns by Miu Miu, Armani beauty, and Laneige.

The truth is that her day job is not as well-paying as most people think. She explained, "they don't pay actors like they used to, and with streamers, you no longer get residuals."

Sydney also made it clear that "established stars" get paid well. On the other hand, she has to give up 5 percent of her pay to her lawyer, 10 percent to agents, and 3 percent to her business manager.

The Emmy-nominated actress also pays her publicist every month. This costs more than her mortgage.

For this reason, if acting was all she did, she would not be living the life she has right now. Therefore, she has to get into deals to stay afloat.

"euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney: I Barely Earn Enough To Survive

She has a $3 million Los Angeles mansion, whose mortgage must be a considerable expense. The home has a beautiful golf course view which, hopefully, makes it seem like a worthwhile investment for her.

The home is not located in a gated community, so her fans can easily access it and take a picture to post on the internet.

A reporter once suggested that she buys a gate, but she said she had already spent as much as she could after purchasing the property last year.

She could not even believe she had managed to buy a house before adding, "I want to be able to stay here."

In the past, the actress has been very open about the fact that her parents went through financial challenges after moving to LA to allow her to pursue a career in modeling. She was only 13 at the time.

When they initially got to Los Angeles, they lived in a single room, and she had to share a bed with her mom while her dad and brother shared a couch. In the end, they had to live in a motel.

"euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney: I Barely Earn Enough To Survive

The financial strain was also challenging for her mom and dad's marriage. For this reason, she has worked hard to fix it.

She imagined that she could work hard and make enough money to buy her parents' house back so they could finally be together.

"euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney: I Barely Earn Enough To Survive

However, at 18, she only had $800, and her parents were still not back together. She was helpless.

Her situation has improved since then, and she should not have trouble getting well-paying acting roles after her grandparents said she had the "best t*ts in Hollywood."