Euphoria Actor Hunter Schafter Applauded For Controversial "Dress" Top At Oscars Afterparty

Last week, Hunter Schafer debuted an 'iconic' dress at the Oscars afterparty that was both 'controversial' and praised.

At the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, the Euphoria actor made a striking impression with her outfit. She wore a long white silk skirt and a single ivory-colored feather that acted as a bandeau, leaving little else to the imagination.

Schafer paired the 'top' dress, which was from Ludovic de Saint Sernin's Ann Demeulemeester A/W 2023 debut collection, with minimal makeup and hair. As expected, she looked stunning.

CNN Style reports that de Saint Sernin was inspired by the concept of 'fashion-making as an authentic act of self-involvement' for the look.

The clothes were infused with imagery of 'authorship and autobiography' as de Saint Sernin referred to his feather bandeaus as 'quills' in the show notes. This was a tribute to the Belgian label's founder, akin to a love letter.

Schafer, being a transgender woman, gave de Saint Sernin's notions of self-expression, self-love, and self-definition a fresh perspective.

According to CNN Style, Schafer's outfit had a legacy of defying gender norms, as the Ann Demeulemeester brand has a history of creating gender-non-conforming fashion.

"I was interested in the tension between masculine and feminine, but also the tension between masculine and feminine within one person," Demeulemeester told Vogue last year.

"That is what makes every person really interesting to me because everybody is unique."

As is often the case with art and fashion, the design was not universally appreciated.

"Westerns normalising outfits like this only makes me grateful that I have no/will never affiliation with them," one said, while another pointed out: "I get that her body is meant to be an accessory but seriously, a silver necklace would have been nice. It looks bland without jewellery."

After sharing some stunning photos on Instagram, Schafer received a flood of praise for her bold look.

"God is a woman," one fan simply wrote, while another added: "Tell me you're a Greek goddess without telling me a word."

A third said: "She's insane actually like imagine looking this f**king good."

And a fourth added: "Hunter Schafer is so bold for this and pulling it off... absolute icon."