Eudaimonia: Redefining The Meaning Of Living A Happy Life

Eudaimonia: Redefining The Meaning Of Living A Happy Life

Don't aim to be happy, instead be in the state of eudaimonia. It sounds like the latest Insta hashtag, but it's what everyone needs in their life.

As a schoolboy, John Lennon said he wants to be happy when he grows up. That's fine when you're a kid, but you need more when you're an adult.

What you need is a bliss abundance, peace of mind. And that's what eudaimonia is. A purpose, not just pure ecstasy.

No, it's not a newly made-up word, promoted by Instagram models and influencers. The term comes from ancient Greece, and it became famous thanks to Plato and Aristotle. So, it is kind of a big deal.

What's wrong with being happy

eudaimonia: redefining the meaning of living a happy life

Happiness is a broad term, and it's quite shallow if you think about it.

You cannot be joyful all the time, nor is always searching for happiness a healthy way of living.

When you're always focused on being something, in this case living your best life, you're not present. What's even sadder is that the key to being cool or happy is to stop asking for it.

Instead, focus on being here and now.

A truly happy person doesn't ask themselves if they are happy. It's something they inhabit, not something they search for.

Eudaimonia and happiness

eudaimonia: redefining the meaning of living a happy life

One might say that eudaimonia is an old word for happiness. But Aristotle and Socrate didn't talk about pure emotions; instead, they were thinking about a concept.

It's about living in a high spirit, a state of existence, a state of reality. As such, eudaimonia is more stable and reliable and cannot be taken away so quickly. You can't lose it because your boyfriend is an a-hole, for example.

Eudaimonia is fulfillment, an awareness that you have plenty, and you're more than enough.

By living our lives entirely according to our essential nature as rational beings, we must develop and express our full human potential, regardless of wealth. And that's one of many definitions of Eudaimonia.

Achieving Eudaimonia and understanding it

eudaimonia: redefining the meaning of living a happy life

Avoiding pain while savoring pleasures is what most of us see as leading a valid, happy life. What makes us miserable is a simple fact that life's painful and we have to work, not just play.

Eudaimonia presents a worthwhile living, a life that allows you to feel various emotions and focus on the beneficial ones.

As per Plotinus, human flourishing is the way to reach the perfect life so far as perfection is attainable by humanity. Some pieces of eudaimonia are present in Buddhism, which values kindness and wisdom above all.

Once you teach yourself to go for wisdom instead of hedonism, you will be more compassionate and in tune with what's right in front of you.

The key to eternal happiness is in moderation. So, if you want to have a good life, you need not only accept that life can suck from time to time, but there's more. You have to want to learn, to feed your mind and your spirit.

Just like everything else in life, achieving this concept takes time and practice.

Accepting yourself and the reality you live in, feeding your passions, learning about what you can do for others is a good start.

You can start practicing self-discipline, which is part of a delightful life, by being mindful of your eating habits.

Meditation, exercise, and listening to others will spark your creativity, help you get over negativity, and make you a more compassionate person.

Merely saying, "I want to be happy" is selfish and useless. Living in the state of eudaimonia is a more profound, more mature way of living.

The domino effect and true happiness

eudaimonia: redefining the meaning of living a happy life

Here's the thing: we can talk about ancient Greeks and go into spirituality and religion, but what really matters is taking action.

Your life belongs to you, and the moment you start doing something to improve it, you're already one step closer to living a better experience.

There's no actual manual on the living concept of eudaimonia. Start by asking yourself what you need, how much money, friends, what do you want.

When you're figuring out what you're aching for, you'll start getting ideas on how to achieve a genuinely exciting life. If you knock down one obstacle, you'll see just how easy it is to be more.

You don't need a particular term or word. What we all need is more awareness and more time being in the now. We're in the middle of a pandemic, protests all over the world, yet instead of arguing about it, do something.

Just staying healthy or as healthy as possible is plenty enough, and by realizing that, you will be inspired to warn others to maintain their health.

You can always get involved in a charitable community and discuss solutions instead of always addressing problems.

Your one act of kindness is priceless. No matter where you are now, chasing your passions instead of happiness will get you closer to feeling more comfortable in your skin.

Be bold, ambitious, take good care of yourself, even when everything seems to be out of order.

While you're doing all that, you're setting an example, but you don't need others to tell you that you're doing a good job.

Concentrate on helping others to do more. Use these uncertain times to expand your mind and knowledge and get to know your true nature, which will help you understand others.

Stop existing, and start thriving! Don't think, just do!