Escaped Alabama Inmate Captured, Prison Guard Dead From Self-Inflicted Injuries

Escaped Alabama Inmate Captured, Prison Guard Dead From Self-inflicted Injuries

Vicky White, a prison guard, accused of helping an inmate escape from prison, has died while undergoing treatment in hospital. After helping alleged killer Casey White escape from jail, she shot herself when authorities finally caught up with them.

She decided to shoot herself after the vehicle she was using to help Casey escape was rammed by the police. The police were told about their location by a civilian.

After the tip, Vicky and Casey were found at a local hotel by the police. That set in motion the pursuit that ended in the law enforcement officer shooting herself after the pair was cornered in a cornfield.

Rick Singleton, Lauderdale County Sheriff, was hopeful that his employee would survive her injury and give them "some answers" regarding the escape.

Casey White is an alleged murderer, and he escaped from jail and used a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup truck to try and get away. Along with Vicky, he fled to a cornfield close to where they were found. That's where the police surrounded them.

According to the Sheriff, Casey was arrested after he surrendered when the chase ended. Vicky was taken to the hospital in a critical condition, but the Sheriff hoped that she would survive her injuries:

"We don't wish any ill will on Vicky with her health, but she has some answers to give us."

Although Casey White is in custody, he was reportedly shot during the daring escape. However, it is not clear if he was hurt using his gun or someone else's.

He was held at the Alabama detention center. During the escape, Vicky White drove him away under false pretenses.

According to authorities, Casey and Vicky were in a relationship.

Escaped Alabama Inmate Captured, Prison Guard Dead From Self-inflicted Injuries

After Casey escaped, there was a massive chase for the pair for a couple of weeks. Eventually, there was a break in the case when someone saw Casey White at a car wash in Evansville.

The information helped the authorities narrow their search and find the couple in a field.