Epstein's Victim Virginia Giuffre's Attorneys Ordered By Judge To Destroy All Documents

Epstein's Victim Virginia Giuffre's Attorneys Ordered By Judge To Destroy All Documents

A judge ordered Virginia Giuffre's lawyers to 'destroy' Jeffrey Epstein's files.

Senior District Judge Loretta Preska ruled that the lawyers from Cooper & Kirk had improperly gained access to the documents.

Preska determined certain files covered by a years-old protective order were 'not properly in possession' of Giuffre's current legal team. She then ruled lawyers to destroy the documents.

Additionally, Preska requested proof that Cooper & Kirk lawyers had destroyed the files.

Preska's ruling stated:

"Counsel shall submit an affidavit detailing the steps taken to destroy the materials."

Preska's Ruling Came after Alan Dershowitz Requested Access to the Documents

Giuffre claims that Dershowitz is one of the men Epstein forced her to have sex with.

In response, Dershowitz claims that obtaining the files would be an asset to his defense.

He explained:

"I oppose the destruction of evidence that may contain smoking gun proof that my false accuser made up her story."

"I want all the evidence preserved because I have absolutely nothing to hide..."

"The evidence to be destroyed may also contain proof of wrongdoing by others. [The court] should preserve [it] for appeal and for history. Destroying evidence risks destroying truth."

However, Preska told Dershowitz that his desire to see the files wasn't a 'targeted strike' but a 'carpet bombing.'

As a result, the court denied Dershowitz access to the files.

The court ruled:

"The agreed-upon unsealing procedure can only work as intended if non-parties are willing to participate."

"Handing over to Mr. Dershowitz all of the materials from Maxwell, which would necessarily include all of the sealed filings that are the subject of the unsealing protocol, would threaten that balance."

Concluding the metaphor, Preska determined:

"The Court will not risk collateral damage to the Maxwell unsealing process by modifying the protective order."

News of Preska's ruling came after the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell is Accused of Procuring Underage Sex Victims for Epstein

Detectives arrested Epstein in 2019 after his trip from France.

Epstein's Victim Virginia Giuffre's Attorneys Ordered By Judge To Destroy All Documents
epstein's victim virginia giuffre's attorneys ordered by judge to destroy all documents

Indictment documents alleged that he had 'sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls in his homes.'

Epstein also 'created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit,' the documents added.

Investigators also reported finding incriminating photos of underage naked girls inside a safe in Epstein's Manhattan home.

But Epstein pleaded not guilty to the charges.

While awaiting trial, Epstein died by hanging in his prison cell. And multiple theories have emerged surrounding Epstein's death.

While the coroner officially ruled Epstein's death a suicide, some people believe his associates actually murdered him.